30th IKMC-2020 Contest Date & Time (October 7-8, 2020)

Dear Principal / Coordinator,


We remain thankful to the teachers and school staff for their cooperation for testing the capability of our online Contest system. Welcome back to Schools.


We are pleased to inform you that as per Govt. announcement that all Institutions are expected to reopen till September 30 as per normal routine. Therefore IKMC 2020 will be held under the administrative control of the institution’s Principal. The Contest will be on paper on October 7-8, 2020 at 10:00 AM. Since the number of students in a class will be reduced, which means that half of the students will attend the session one day and the other half on the other day therefore you may hold the IKMC in the above mentioned dates as per your convenience.  


At the end of the Contest the answer sheets must be arranged in numerical candidate order according to the registration numbers issued (Roll no. & class wise) including any answer sheet for candidates who were absent, place them all in one envelope. The answer sheets accompanied with the proforma and Attendance Sheet must be sent back to the Innovative Learning’s office through TCS/courier. The deadline for receiving the answer sheets is October 10 before 04:00 PM.


I wish you and your students a very successful IKMC 2020.


Important Point:

Please collect the question booklets from the students after the Contest on October 7 for the sake of secrecy, and you can give the booklets back to the students on October 8 or any other date after that.


With best regards,


AWAIS Naeem Mughal

Program Director, IKMC

Innovative Learning (KSF-Pakistan)