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  • January

    Announcement: Intellect Wins at The Inter-School & College Naat Competition 2019


    Alhamdulillah, Hooreen Faraz of Grade VIII-B secured the Second Position at the Inter-School & College Naat Competition, organized by Jamiatul Muhsinat Intermediate Girls College on Friday, 18th Jan 2019.




  • January

    Announcement: IKLC Results Are Here!!

    Dear Parents,

    Masha’Allah, The Intellect School performed brilliantly in the IKLC 2019. Altogether, we secured 30 medals in this Kangaroo Linguistic Competition. We are forever grateful to the Almighty Allah SWT and hope and pray that HE SWT accepts all our hard work. The names of the winning students are as follows: 

    Gold Medals and Power Bank Winners (First Position in Pakistan) – Junior Section
    Mohammad Zohad Abdullah Grade I  F
    Sara Kamran            Grade I  C
    Abdul Kabeer           Grade II F
    Khadijah Al Kubra Ansari       Grade II – A
    Dania Zeeshan         Grade III – A
    Hafsa Khan               Grade III – A
    Muhammad Ali Syed     Grade III – F

    Silver Medal Winner – Senior Girls
    Lina Siddiqui                          Grade VI B

    Bronze Medals’ Winners – Senior Girls
    Maneha Maryam Khan       Grade IV A
    Zunaira Ovais                         Grade IV A
    Amna Fatima                          Grade V B
    Heba Junaid Vaid                  Grade VA
    Inaya Sharif    –                       Grade V B
    Syeda Mahdiya Waqas         Grade V C
    Fatima Harris                         Grade VII A
    Hufsa Hussain                        Grade VII B
    Khadija Waqas                        Grade VII C
    Misbah Shahid                        Grade VII C
    Ayesha Junaid                         Grade VIII B
    Laiba Adnan                             Grade VIII B
    Hafsa Qasim Chotttani         Grade IX A
    Mominah Faisal                      Grade XI A

    Bronze Medals’ Winners – Senior Boys
    Ali Hassan Jafrani                 Grade IV  F
    Usman Khalil Shaikh           Grade VI  D
    Suleman Kamal                      Grade VII D
    Tahir Ali                                    Grade XI  B

    May each student shine bright both in this world and the Hereafter! Ameen!

    Jazakumullah Khairan


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