Activity Circular for Elementary Section

Dear Parents


Earth week will be enjoyed in the Elementary Section to create awareness about the need to save our planet Earth and thank Allah for all His blessings. A series of activities will be conducted to make teaching more meaningful.

Kindly send the required things according to your child’s class by Monday 11-04-16.

Class Will be making Items Required


1.   money box

2.   vase

3.   pencil holder

1empty green 7 up bottle ( one and half  litre)

small size empty pringle box OR any empty can of  fruits and  1old CD

KG-I 1.   gift bags

2.   organizer

3.   frame

empty cereal box and one inch(one yard)

1small shoe box and two tissue rolls

4 old CDs

KG-II 1.   hanging planters

2.   glass  coaster

3.   Pencil holders

1empty 7 up disposable bottle(or any other drink)

3 toilet rolls

shoe box along with 3 old CDs


Jazakumullah Khair,






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