Annual Sport Day 2022

January 22nd, school ground, the students of the Intellect School attended the annual sports competition with great enthusiasm this week. All the students were very much excited after all this was the time to enjoy beyond the studies. For the past one month all had been practicing and making them well and fit for the day.

The event started with a heart touching recitation by Usman Naseer of grade 8 followed by a beautiful Nasheed by Humaid Rehmani.After the Walk Past, National Anthem and a note by the Principle, the red, blue, green and yellow houses of grade 4 and 5 set up a wonderful exhibition of a PT Display. Then Started the most awaited races: over the hurdle race ,bean bag race, hooping & Zig-Zag race, Snack novelty race wheel barrow race, leap frog race and 70m flat race. There was  an astounding display of taekwondo by the students of grade 6 in the course of races. It was simply astonishing to see ten years old smashing boards and breaking tiles with their bare fists.

The students showed a great talent in all races. Not only the students but the fathers and teachers also raced to win the medals which added the extra joy to the event.

The event ended at 12 with thanks to the sports team and the teachers of the Intellect School