Blue week Nursery Section

The learners of the Nursery Section celebrated the mesmerizing blue colour of the magnificent sky from 10th – 14th November, 2022.

The teachers decorated the hallways and the classrooms with displays of blue raindrops, blueberries, blue shirts and blue jeans. This enhanced the ambiance, stimulated the visual learning of the students and sharpened their observation skills.

The mothers participated in the blue week activities by preparing a basket of blue objects and sending it to the school. The learners built on their communication skills through the Show and Tell activity. The creativity of the students was catered by planned art activities. They thoroughly enjoyed decorating the cupcakes using a pastry bag filled with blue frosting!  

As with every colour, the celebration included a dress-up day! The hues of blue were seen in the outfits of the young learners and their energetic teachers. The blue week celebrations reminded everyone that indeed learning is fun!