Circular: Bake Sale Competition 2019

Bake Sale Competition for Developing Healthy Eating Habits

Dear Parents,


It has been observed that over the past decade, Pakistani children have been suffering from a variety of nutritional deficiencies leading to both physical and mental disorders, and may even lead to obesity and a range of other health concerns like diabetes and blood pressure at quite a young age.

Taking this into consideration, The Intellect School has taken the prerogative to elevate the quality of food available from the school canteen via an interesting competition cum bake sale. To develop healthy eating habits in the children, the children themselves will be the judge of the food items presented at the bake sale and shall be responsible for choosing the winner.

The details of the event for interested students are stipulated below:

Interested students shall present a sample of the food item that shall be assessed for nutritional value, presentation, taste and cost by the school management and doctor.
If approved, students will be requested to submit the recipe for the same, clearly mentioning the brand name and proportions of all ingredients used.
For the Bake Sale Competition, 100 servings of the selected item will be prepared and put up for sale.
Popularity with the students will be the deciding factor for the winning item of the competition.
This item will then be included in the menu of the school canteen.

Preferably the items presented should be made using natural ingredients and healthy cooking method.
Avoid oily products, saturated fat or processed ingredients.
Baked, grilled items will be preferred instead of deep fried.
Presentation and hygiene are extremely important factors.
Sweet foods (dessert items) with white processed sugar should be avoided. However, healthier alternatives such as sponge cakes with jaggery (gurh) or brown sugar and with low oil content can be considered.
Savory foods shall be given preference. For e.g. Channa chaat, wraps, sandwiches with whole wheat bread, all with an appropriate proportion of fresh salads and/or meat.
The item should be cost effective not exceeding the Rs.100 mark.

Dates to remember:

Return slip – 11th February, 2019
Submission of food sample – 18th February, 2019
Submission of recipe (if selected) – 20th February, 2019
Bake Sale – 8th March, 2019



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