Current Openings at The Intellect School
  • October

    Current Openings at The Intellect School

    The Intellect School is currently looking for experienced and motivated individuals who are interested in becoming an active part of its growing team. The Intellect School, is seeking to recruit individuals for the following positions:

    Head of Boys Section (Male)
    To manage school operations of the Boys Section comprising of grades IV to O-Level. Following are the mandatory requirements for this position:
    5+ years’ experience of a Cambridge School as a Principal or in a school leadership role
    Capability to provide strong leadership to the coordinators, teachers and other staff member
    Ability of creating benchmarks for students and teachers and track progress towards those goals
    Strong verbal and written communication skills in English
    Computer Literacy




    Class Teacher for Grade-I (Female)
    Lab In-charge for A-Level Section (Female)

    A relevant experience of five years along with computer literacy, be a team player and proficient in the English Language are mandatory requirements.


    Interested candidates should apply on the following email address: jobs@theintellect.edu.pk
    Kindly mention the job title in the “subject” of your email.

    Jazakumullah Khair,

Principals Message

Keeping pace with the rapidly evolving society of today demands a lot from an individual. The challenges in times ahead would be even greater. It is the responsibility of educational institutions to equip their students with requisite traits to successfully cope up with...

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