Dawn Mock Spelling Bee

Spelling Bee is an interactive learning program which cultivates self-confidence & autonomy amongst students – young and old. This year, The intellect School Girls campus held its 2nd Mock Dawn. Spelling Bee for students of class 5 to 9 on 20th January,2022.

All of the nominated students participated enthusiastically, which was evident with the 100% attendance. MsRahima yousuf was the announcer with Ms.Samin sarfaraz and Ms Tahira Moin in attendance. Every student spelled the difficult words given according to their respecitive level with much poise; it was a close match indeed with more than half the teams making it to the knock-out round!


After a tough nail-biting competition of 1 hour 20 minutes, the following winners were announced.

Winners’ Teams:

1st Position was secured by Team M – Fatima Nouman (8A), Raavia Shahid (8A), Syeda Tooba Ali (8A)

2nd Position was attained by Team S – Syeda Zainab (9C), Safa Irfan (9A), Asmat Aliya (9A)

3rd Position was acquired by Team O – Ayesha Akhtar (8B), Aswah Sohail (8C), Semon Farhan (8C)

Person Responsible for organizing the program:

Ms Rahima Yousuf(Coordinator)