Defence Day Celebration Junior Section.

6th September, the Defence Day, was celebrated with zeal and enthusiasm by the Junior Section of the Intellect School. The auditorium was filled with children holding and waving the national flag high above their heads. The stage was taken up by the future protectors of the country in their mesmerising uniforms. The children dressed up as Air Force, Navy and Army officials marched on the stage elegantly.
The motivational speech given by Zainab Ovais highlighted the importance of this day in the history of our nation. 
Our role in keeping Pakistan clean and green was highlighted through an Urdu skit performed by the students of Grade III. At the end, the auditorium became alive with the recitation of Mili Taranas by the teachers and students together.
It was indeed a celebration that revived our spirits and strengthened our resolve to defend our country against all threats!