Intellect Wins Maths Meet


Dear Parents,
We are pleased to inform you that The Intellect School scored first place in the Annual Maths Meet 2017. The competition was held among two levels, Grade VIs named Blossoms VI and Grade IXs named Dexters IX.
Manahil Junaid of Grade VI-A and Hooreen Faraz of Grade VI-B, students of The Intellect School participating under Blossoms scored the first position. However, as a gesture a of goodwill and being the host school as well, our young participants awarded the prize to the Reflections School, who came second in the competition. On the other hand, students from Nakhlah came in third.

From Dexters IX, the Reflections School came in first while Usman School came in second and there were no runners-up.

We congratulate the winners and all the participating schools who made this math event a huge success. Jazakillah for your cooperation.



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