Math Enigma 2022

Alhamdulillah with the grace of Allah, and the diligent efforts of the society members, Al-Khwarizmi Math Society held its first mega event Math Enigma on 18th January 2022.It was a full day event. Alhamdulillah it turned out to be successful.           

The event consisted of 5 major rounds topped with some minute-to-minute games to engage the audience. In the first half of the day, the first two rounds were conducted which were the Mensa Round and the Race Against Time Round. Both involved physical movement of the teams. They were mainly conducted in the multimedia room and different stations. In the second half of the day, the last three rounds were conducted which were The Mathalon, Audio Visual Round and finally the Rapid-fire Round. These rounds were conducted in the auditorium with grades 9-11 present in the audience.

One of the best outcomes of this event was student empowerment. The students were actively involved in the making of the event. It was they who hosted the event, organized and decorated the stage, had the certificates and shields made, assigned duties to society members and did all other work themselves without the major involvement of any teacher. That being said, Ms. Rana, our leader and mentor, constantly guided and helped the students in the preparation of the event as well as throughout the event. It was a fruitful event which exposed students to different areas of organizing and hosting an event and they got the hands-on experience of leading and hosting a program.

Another significant consequence of Math Enigma was that students learned the importance of teamwork; they learned how to coordinate, cooperate and understand each other to bring about a
successful result. There were few problems which emerged but with the guidance of our mentor, Wajiha Shakeel, and the president, Musfirah Rizwan, all issues were effectively and immediately attended to and were resolved. The coordination of the society members was impeccable and they truly supported one another in all aspects.

This event developed an important skill in us: effective communication. Had it not been for effective communication within us members as well as with the other students, miscommunication and misunderstandings would have been prevalent leading to bewilderment and chaos among students. Alhamdulillah, we communicated effectively with each other and prevented this from happening, for most of the part.

All in all, considering the fact that this was our first experience at hosting and arranging a big event, the event was much successful Alhamdulillah. Ms. Mehnaz, Ms. Rafia, Ms. Tahira Yousuf, Ms. Rana and all other teachers praised the efforts of the society members and enjoyed this program. The certificates, medals and shields were highly liked and appreciated by the Heads and they congratulated the society on holding such an event. the communication among team members was also applauded. Moreover, the audience enjoyed the defying gravity minute-to-minute activity.

All in all, Alhamdulillah Al Khwarizmi Math Society’s first mega event Math Enigma was a successful one. It was because of the contributions and teamwork of each and every member that we were able to achieve our goal and make the event enjoyable and prosperous. May Allah guide us and help us in organizing more such successful events in the future Insha Allah. For any further information, I am always available at your service.

Regards, Wajiha Shakeel  (The Mentor)

Written by,

Syeda Maria Armoghan Rizvi

(Head of Content Writing Department)

Al-Khwarizmi Math Society