The Intellect School is managed by a Board of Directors, which comprises of:

  • Mr M. Abdul Aleem (Chairman of Board)
  • Mr Mukhtar Shaikh (Chairman of Trust)
  • Mr Khalilullah Shaikh (Member)
  • Mr Imran Qureshi (Member)
  • Asif Misbah (Member)
  • Mr. Nouman Muhammad (Member)

The Principal manages the School according to the decisions of the board members. There are different coordinators for every section in the Boy’s Section, Girl’s Section and the Hifz Campus.


Having high quality teachers is the single biggest factor responsible for improving student performance. The Intellect School is very particular about the hired faculty and endeavors to hire high calibre teachers who can play an instrumental role in the development of our valued students. We firmly believe our teachers must be role models for their students and must therefore embody Islamic values and etiquette, thus being a teacher in the truest sense of the term. Our teachers execute their responsibilities with great zeal and dedication for the betterment of their students and actively encourage an open partnership between home and school.

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