Qirat and Hamd Competition 1444/2022

The Intellect School O Level Girls’ Section hosted the Inter-class Qirat and Hamd-o-Naat Competition on 26th Safr 1444/23rd September 2022 Friday.

Participants mesmerised the audience with their heartfelt recitations, MashaAllah.


Winners of Qirat Competition

1st Afnan Muzaffar X C

2nd Khaula Owais  X C

3rd Samya Shahnawaz XI

Winners Hamd o Naat Competition

1st Salwa Ahmed  IX C

2nd Wania Ali IX D

3rd Saamia Saeed IX D

Ya Rabb, may our hearts be ever attached to You سبحانہ تعالٰی, Your Beloved, Your obedient and with those whom You love. Help us do those deeds that bring us closer to You, Aameen.”