Senior Boys Mathlete 2017

The Mathlete in Senior Boys was held on Tuesday, 24th October 2017. There were four tiers and in each tier there were four teams Algebros, Number Ninjas, Mathletico and The Fractionaters. The competition was held in the sports room. The questions were displayed on a screen and the participants had to call out one answer out of four. There were three rounds.
In Round 1, each team was asked three questions and discussion was allowed.
In Round 2, (individual questions) each participant was asked one question.
In Round 3 (Rapid fire), each team was given 3 minutes to answer maximum 10 questions.
At the end of the competition, all the participants were presented certificates and the winning team from each tier was awarded a shield by Mr. Tahir Javed. The detail of time slots and teams are as follows:
Tier#1 (Juniors)
Competition Duration 08:00 to 09:00
Mathleticos (1st position with 60 points)
Hadi Ibrahim (G4)
Muhammad Huzaifa (G5)
Bilal Atif (GH2)
Number Ninjas (2nd position with 50 points)
Muhammad Zohaib (G4)
Usman Khalil (G5)
Sana-Ullah Shaikh (GH2)
The Fractionaters (3rd position with 35 points)
Hassan Silat (G4)
Saad Bin Waqas (G5)
Abdullah Anis (GH2)
Algebros (4th position with 24 points)
Muhammad Hanash (Grade 4)
Hamza Farha (G5)
Syed Ahmad (GH2)
Tier#2 (Juniors)
Competition Duration – 09:15 to 10:15
Number Ninjas (1st position with 40 points)
Huzaifa Altaf (G6)
Bilal Malik (G7)
Uzair Ali (GH4)
Mathleticos (2nd position with 35 points)
Aneeq Ahmad (G6)
Saad Khurram (G7)
Hamza Tariq (GH4)
The Fractionaters (2nd position with 35 points)
Hammad Asim (G6)
Moosa Munir (G7)
Maaz Darvesh (GH4)
Algebros (3rd position with 25 points)
Suleman Kamal (G6)
Ammar Kamran (G7)
Zaid Siddiqui (GH4)
Tier#3 (Seniors)
Competition Duration: 11:00 to 12 noon
Number Ninjas (1st position with 50 points)
Sana Ullah Siddiqui (G8)
Huzaifa Adeel (G9)
Mathleticos (2nd position with 40 points)
Ali Asif (G8)
Zubair Khan (G9)
The Fractionaters (3rd position with 35 points)
Ibrahim Bin Moin (G8)
Abdullah Salman (G9)
Algebros (3rd position with 35 points)
Hashir Aijaz (G8)
Omar Bin Sabir (G9)
Tier#4 (Seniors)
Competition Duration: 12:15 to 01:15
Mathleticos (1st position with 55 points)
Ammar Kamran (G10)
Ahmad Shafqat (G11)
Algebros (2nd position with 50 points)
Rayyan Idrees (G10)
Salman Asif (G11)
The Fractionaters (3rd position with 45 points)
Hasan Tariq (G10)
Osama Mota (G11)
Number Ninjas (4th position with 40 points)
Tahir Ali (G10)
Abdullah Yaqoob (G11)
Jazakumullah Khairan


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