Spelling Bee Contest Junior I Section 2022-23

The Spelling Bee Contest of Junior I was held on Thursday, 29th September 2022 in Zainab Qasim Auditorium. The teachers, students and mothers of the participants were in the audience to show their support.

The students of Grade I and II performed wonderfully. The preparation of Grade III students impressed the audience, it was a challenge to break the tie! 
The event came to an end with words of motivation and appreciation by the Principal, Vice Principal Senior and Junior Section. 
The Spelling Bee Contest winners of the year 2022 were:
*Grade I*
*1st* – Bisma Younus (I-F)
*2nd* – Ahmed Abdullah Chaudhry (I-F)
*3rd* – Manal Fatima (I-B)
*Grade II*
*1st* – Izhan ur Rehman (II-B)
*2nd* – Mohammad Affan Abdullah (II-F)
*3rd* – Khubaib Danish (II-B)
*Grade III*
*1st* – Taimor Chugtai (III-H)
*2nd* – Zainab Ovais (III-A)
*2nd* – Tayyaba Fatima (III-B)
*2nd* – Dania Khalil Sheikh (III-C)