The Annual Inter-School Bait Baazi 2017 (Senior Girls)


Dear Parents,


Alhumdulilah, The Intellect Senior Girls organized The Annual Inter-School Bait Baazi 2017 on Wednesday 8th November 2017. Conducted in two sessions, the first session was between 09:00 am to 11:00 am for Grades IV – VII while the second was from 11:30 am to 01:30 pm for Grades VIII – XI. Along with The Intellect School, about seven schools participated in this event. They are as follows:

Generations School
Usman Public School
Happy Home School
Manhal Education
Al-Kahf Academy
Korangi Academy
DA Model High School
The Intellect School (Host School)

This event is part of a series of academic events, held to commemorate the completion of ten years of The Intellect School. Coupled with the celebration of the birth anniversary of Pakistan’s National Poet, Dr. Mohammad Allama Iqbal, added a flavour to this event. The audience was enthralled as all the participants recited Iqbal’s soul-stirring verses with child-like zeal and effortless eloquence.

The judges for the Annual Bait Baazi 2017 are as follows:

 Ms Aasia Imran – Principal, Jaamia Mohsenat Intermediate Girls College
Ms Rubina Zarrin – Principal, Government Girls College
Ms Raoha Ahmed – Ex-Secondary Teacher

The Results of the Annual Inter-School Bait Baazi are as follows:

Grades IV – V:

1st Position: Generations School

2nd Position: The Intellect School

3rd Position: Al Kahf Academy

Note: As a token of our hospitality and being the host school, The Intellect School decided to forego our position, thus awarding it to the next ranked school and therefore, Al-Kahf secured the 2nd position while Happy Home School was awarded the 3rd position.


Grades VI – VII

1st Position: The Intellect School

2nd Position: Manhal Education

3rd Position: Generation School

Note: Again being the host school we gave our position to the next ranked school and therefore the shield of 1st position was awarded to Manhal Education, 2nd position Generation School and 3rd position was awarded to Usman Public School.


Grades VIII – IX

1st Position: Al-Kahf School

2nd Position: Usman Public School

3rd Position: Manhal Academy

3rd Position: DA Model High School

Note: There was a tie for the 3rd position which could not be broken, even after having three more tie-breaker rounds. Hence, our Principal Mrs. Iqbal declared both the schools as 3rdposition holders.


Grades X – XI

1st Position: DA Model High School

2nd Position: Generation School

3rd Position: Al-Kahf


By the grace of Allah SWT, this turned out to be an amazing competition and a thoroughly enjoyable experience for everyone. All the participants fluently presented their verses and demonstrated great wit on stage. We are grateful to all the students who enthusiastically participated in this event.

We would also like to express immense gratitude for our esteemed judges, who undertook the responsibility for deliberating the best from each level. It is our hope and prayer that Allah SWT give The Intellect School more opportunities to host more inter-school events like this Bait Baazi Competition at our school so that students grow beyond the dimensions of their classrooms and experience an interactive lively school environment.

Jazakumullah Khairan,


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