The Senior Girls Annual Qirat Competition 2017

Dear Parents, 
The Results of The Senior Girls Annual Qirat Competition 2017 are as follows: 
Winners from Grade IVs are: 
First Position – Zainab Tariq from Grade IV – A
Second Position – Safa Irfan from Grade IV – B
                                    Leena Siddique from Grade IV – C
Winners from Grade Vs:
First Position – Umama Adnan from Grade V – B
Second Position – Amna Waqar from Grade V – B
Third Position – Fatima Harris from Grade V – A
Winners from Grades VIs are: 
First Position – Syeda Maria Armoghan from Grade VI – A
Second Position – Laiba Adnan from Grade VI – A
                                    Wajeeha Shakil from Grade VI – B
                                    Hira Arshad from Grade VI – B
Winner from Grade VII, Grade VIII, and Grade IX:
First Position – Momina Faisal from Grade IX – A
Jazakumullah Khair,


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