Hifz Section

Hifz Section

Hifz Section

The Intellect School takes pride in running a unique system of integrating Hifz with Academics. Students get to learn regular school academics and experience co-curricular activities alongside Hifz.

The programme is offered to boys only mainly studying at the Intellect. Outsiders are also encouraged to apply. Students opting for Hifz are first tested and then selected prior to commencement of Hifz. Duration of hifz is three years during which our students get to study a variety of subjects covering the syllabus of 4th Grade and partly 5th Grade.

After completion of hifz, students are inducted into our Fast Track programme which is a yearlong and offers transitional classes covering syllabus of Grade V and VI (H2). Students who successfully complete the Fast Track programme are then incorporated into our main stream schooling. 


The Hifz Campus Admissions are open year round with a major intake of 3rd grade students of Intellect at the end of academic year. Candidates from outside school also encouraged to apply.

Selection is based on scores of 4th Grade Academic Test and Hifz Test. Both the tests are given equal weightage. Academic Test examines the knowledge of English, Mathematics and Urdu. The Hifz test examines the memorization skills and fluency of reciting the Holy Quran. Currently there are more than 150 students enrolled in our Hifz Section.

Academics & Co-Curricular Activities

During Hifz, students get the opportunity to study school academics. Students cover the syllabus of 4th grade and part of 5th Grade in a span of three years. Students get daily two blocks of Academics making it 10 blocks a week comprising of 3 blocks for English, 3 for Maths, 2 for Science and 2 for Urdu.

Students are assessed on their performance in the form of Formative assessments and Summative assessments.


Upon completion of Hifz and Girdaan on time, students are promoted to the Fast Track Programme Class H2 where the child covers the syllabus of 5th and 6th Grade in one year. The child then enters the regular school stream in 7th grade. Exceptional students also get the opportunity to appear for 8th grade Admission test and if successful get to skip 7th grade.

Those students who are unable to complete their Hifz on time are transferred to SHU (Special Huffaz Unit) where they are tutored according to their needs and shortage of time.


Co-Curricular Activities

Science Lab: Students get the opportunity to go to the science lab where they get to do multiple activities and experiments.

Library: Students get to visit the library fortnightly

Games with instructor: Each class gets games weekly guided by the sports teacher

Swimming: Each class gets swimming weekly guided by the swimming instructor

Qirat: Students get to practice qirat weekly.

Qirat Competition: Students get the opportunity to compete in various interschool qirat competitions. (Reflections Qirat Competition, Hira Foundation Qirat Competition, DHA Iqra Qirat Competition)

Field Trips: Students get the opportunity to go on excursions. (eg: Jamia Baitussalam, Farmhouse)

Carnival/Eid Milan Party: Students get to enjoy carnivals and eid milan parties held at school.

Only those students are selected who clear the test of Hifz after 3rd grade. The two main deciding factors are memorization skills and tajweed.

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