A Level Farewell 2024

The farewell event for the Class of 2024 on April 22, 2024, was a heartfelt occasion filled with fond memories and bittersweet farewells. With a diverse spread of delicacies, including ice cream and cake, everyone indulged in a culinary delight. The presence of the Principal, the Vice Principal,  Section Heads and former A-level Head added to the significance of the event. Teachers, too, joined in to bid adieu to their graduating students.


The passing-out batch displayed their gratitude by presenting thoughtful gifts to the guests and teachers, symbolizing their appreciation for the support and guidance received throughout their academic journey. Receiving their titles on resin tiles added a touch of permanence to the memories created during their time at the school.


As the event progressed, the atmosphere was filled with laughter and joy as the departing class engaged in various games and activities, cherishing their final moments together. However, amidst the celebrations, emotions ran high as the reality of departing from familiar faces and cherished routines began to sink in. Overall, it was a memorable event that marked the end of one chapter and the beginning of another for the Class of 2024.