Staff Benefits


A little gesture of appreciation from the management is that our teachers are entitled to Gratuity benefits. The Intellect School looks at its performing staff as valuable assets and hence introduced this policy to reward good, efficient and hardworking employees.  It is the recognition of the employee’s years of dedicated service to the school. It is also a way of rewarding the employee for his or her loyalty and hard work which we regard as utmost in our school.

This benefit is for our full-time confirmed staff. Employees leaving school after completion of one to less than five years of service, from the date of confirmation, will be entitled to extra monetary benefit as follows:

Staff reserve fund + (one-month salary x No. of years x 0.4)

Maternity Leave:

We want our staff to be well provided for and hence offer our support to young mothers by providing them paid maternity leave of 30 days. This duration of time helps the mother to prepare herself for the new addition in their family and also to bond with their young ones.

Onsite Day Care (creche’) facility:

No country, community or economy can achieve its potential to meet the challenges of the 21st century without the support of females at workplace. To encourage more mothers to join our school we at The Intellect provide reliable and good quality day care. Our facility is just not an ordinary facility but also focuses on early educational development of the children. We have facilities like educational toys, books for young ones, refrigerator, maids and an assistant teacher to help children utilize their time in a constructive manner. 

Van service (Female Staff):

For employee general well-being and an increase in productivity and punctuality, The Intellect School provides Van services to the female staff. To further facilitate our staff the school contributes 50% of the van services.

Continuous Professional Development:

Continuous development of the employees is the key to success of any institute. The school provides various In-house and Outsource training to its staff.

·       Every month we have a staff development day (SDD) on the second Saturday of each month.


·       Each term the school have an insert Day to further groom our staff. Beside the first week after school reopening it is also used for a series of training. 

Casual/sick Leaves:

Our staff is entitled to 10 days casual leave per annum. They are also allowed paid sick leaves though it all depends from case to case and also as per the approval of management.


Hajj Leaves:

After serving the institute for 2 years, our full-time staff is entitled to special leave for the performance of Farz Hajj. The Intellect School provides 40 days paid Hajj leaves to its staff in case of 1st Hajj. 

Ramadan Leave:

Ramadan is the blessed month of Islamic year. To benefit from this scared month, we reduce the school timings for our staff. The last Ashrah (10 days) are given off for the purpose of Atikhaf amd Ibadah. This is to spiritually enlighten themselves and to maintain deeper connection with Allah SWT. 

Marriage Leaves:

Seven days paid leaves are provided to our staff for their marriage. 

Bereavement Leave:

A three-day paid leave is provided to our employees upon the death of their immediate family member. 

Long Leave:

In some cases, after two years of service an unpaid staff leave of 1 year is given to the staff subject to the approval of the management.  

Book Facility for staff children:

The intellect library is well equipped and staff is allowed to issue course books for their children from the resource bank established by the staff members.

Iddat Leave:

In case of an unfortunate event the school provides Iddat leaves to the female staff. 50% of the leave is paid, there is also job security for the stated period. 

Annual and bi annual Lunch:

Lunches are the standing tradition at The Intellect. It’s an opportunity for the staff to get connected and bond over team building activities and an appetizing lunch. A token of appreciation is given to each staff member from the management.

·       We have midterm lunch for staff which is arranged at half term.


·       Annual lunch for the staff is arranged by the end of the academic year.

Full Attendance (regularity and punctuality) Benefit:

In order to increase the importance of full attendance, a cash bonus is given to the staff for 100% attendance for the academic year. The same is given to the staff with 90% attendance. 

Recognition of Employees:

The staff is recognized on various categories, they are given cash rewards, appreciation letters and also plaques. Different events which are done in the school are recognized such as inter city sports tournament, IKLC, IKMC, IKSC, Art and craft competition, creative writing competition etc.