Event Gallery

Defence Day Celebrations O Level

Defence Day Junior I

Spelling Bee Competition
Boys Section IV-VIII

Qirat and Hamd Competition
O Level

Spelling Bee Contest Junior I

Red Colour Week
Elementary Section

Elementary Section Grandmothers' week 

"Effective Parenting"
Elementary & Junior I

yellow Colour week Elementary Section

Professions-Elementary Section

Qirat Competition Junior II& Middle Section Boys


Mathlete Junior II &middle Section Boys

Field Trip Elementary Section

Blue Colour week Elementary Section 

Field Trip-Magnificence Center Junior I

Green Colour Week Elementary Section

Annual Sports Day Elementary Section

 Fruit and vegetable Market
Elementary Section

Interschool Basketball Tournament O & A Levels

Field Trip O Level Girls

Rendezvous at Fiesta 2.0

Interclass English Declamation - O Level Girls

Annual Sports Day 2023

Junior Section’s Annual Function 2023

Closure Activities Elementary Section

Field Trip Middle Section Girls

Project Day

Annual Art Exhibition Junior I Section

Annual Presentation KGII

Annual Presentation Elementary section

Year-end Junior I

Pakistan Day Junior II Girls

English Elocution Junior II Girls

Qirat Competition Junior II Girls

Business & Science Project