Fruit and vegetable Market
(Shopping Activity)

.A Farmers Mart was organized by the Elementary Section at the Intellect School on 16th February 2023. It was integrated into the theme ‘Food & Nutrition’”. The objective of this event was that our young learners could connect this activity to real-life experiences.

                     As Jean Piaget notes” Play is the work of Childhood”

The Farmer’s Mart was set up in the school courtyard. Fresh fruits and vegetables were displayed in a creative way on the beautiful colourful carts which were prepared by the teachers of the elementary section. The Children had a fun-filled experience of buying vegetables and fruits of their choice. It developed life skills such as decision-making, communicating, and socializing. It created an awareness about the importance and consumption of fruits and vegetables in a regular diet. This occasion was used to reinforce the concept of the healthy benefits of fruits and vegetables. The tiny tots also learned more about the taste, smell, colour, and texture of each fruit and vegetable. It created a positive learning environment that provided our students with an amazing experience.