Club & Societies

Aims and Objectives of Clubs/Societies

  • To foster intellectual curiosity and generosity of spirit, self-belief, confidence, a sense of responsibility and a caring and tolerant outlook.
  • To encourage all pupils to participate in a wide range of activities, developing an all-round approach to their education and a life-long love of learning.
  • To support parents in raising well-rounded, ambitious and happy children who play a positive role in society, develop a sense of duty and service and are well prepared for lives in an everchanging world.



School is the best ‘breeding’ ground for leaders. It is a fact that students who take  leadership at school continue to be leaders even after leaving school. They take high  positions in social work, politics and many other organizations. Therefore, teachers  are aware that the grooming given in the school in leadership, influences the   future lives of students greatly.

A school can create many opportunities for its students to get firsthand experience in  leadership, though in a limited way, under the supervision of the teacher. Many students  are capable of developing leadership qualities with some encouragement while some are born leaders. They have the in-born talent of being leaders where a little guidance would help them to improve quickly. This fact had been found to be true in schools frequently. 

It is also observed that there are students who prefer to be followers than leaders. They do not mind taking lesser positions in an organization and give their full co-operation to the leaders. This factor is also common in the society as well as in schools.


Student Societies provide numerous opportunities for students to enhance many of  their skills; enhancing in-born skills is one of the three main functions of the school.

Apart from enhancing in-born skills, children learn many more useful skills such as  leadership, team work, tolerance, courage etc. The experience they receive in  conducting meetings, writing minutes and writing and following a constitution is  useful when they are called upon to engage in similar work when they are adults.  With such knowledge they would be able to take leadership at their places of work,  educational institutions and the society in general.

Schools have been the pioneers in creating leaders through different school activities  where Societies get the pride of place in the school. Most of the politicians discovered their capability of addressing a crowd, the loss of stage fear and the capability of working with seniors at school. Similarly many other qualities are acquired during society work.

Math Club

 Maths clubs are social gatherings that are crucial to developing a good rapport between teachers and students. They offer the chance to demonstrate one’s prowess in math while also encouraging kids to become math Ambassadors. These groups make it possible to fully visualize and comprehend mathematical ideas.

Art & Craft Club

The purpose of the art and craft club is to help students improve their artistic abilities and aesthetic ideals.

Sport Club

·         Every student’s character development is so important, and sports club activities are a huge part of that. Sports participation on campus is something that seems inevitable because of the many potential advantages for students. The campus includes a variety of facilities and equipment covering the full range of sports since it recognizes the value of sports and fitness for students’ physical and mental well being.

English,Arabic &Urdu Literary Society

 The society aims to inculcate among students a flair for the language and enhance their literary skills. To induce reading habit in students. To encourage students to become orators and display their intellectual, independent thinking skills and imbibe a sense of confidence.

Computer Club

The Computer Club is a learning club which provide students a platform where they gain knowledge about the Computer & a platform where they can share their knowledge on current trends in Information Technology.

Science Club

By joining a science club, students can enhance
their scientific knowledge, develop critical thinking skills, and cultivate a passion for science. One of 
the key benefits of joining a science club is the opportunity to conduct experiments and explore different scientific
concepts in a hands-on way.