Message from the Coordinator-Junior II

Dear Parents,

Welcome to The Intellect School – Junior II Section.
I am extremely honoured to be the Section Coordinator of Grades IV and V, of a school that provides quality education in the limits of Shariah and Alhamdulillah, that produces learned practicing Muslims to the society.
The Primary Section of The Intellect School is enthusiastically determined to improve student learning outcomes and to provide teaching approaches that meet the needs of all students not just in words, but in action as well. It is a place committed to building the necessary knowledge and competencies for students to thrive and succeed in academic learning and life.
Our motto is to
CARE for our students.
C – Commitment
 to Learning
A – Accepting
R- Respect
for self, others and the environment
E- Excellence
in all we do

For each learner, our goal is to provide a high standard of teaching and learning in a safe and welcoming environment to create curious individuals who think and relate well with others through: Questions,Reflection,Collaboration,Self-Awareness,Resilience,Inquiry. By making learning and progress visible, we aim to empower both our learners and their parents. We look forward to share your child’s learning journey and welcome your involvement and contribution to our school community.

Jazakillah Khair,

Ms. Tahira Moin
Section Coordinator
Junior - II


The mission of Junior II Section is to focus on everyday learning of every student. The vision of TIS emphasises the fact that learning is reflected through both achievement and growth. Students have respect for school staff and for each other. They are constantly made aware that they own the school and its system. Students at The Intellect School daily study a wide variety of subjects. The school curriculum includes core subjects, such as English, Math, Science, Social Studies, Urdu, Arabic, Art, ICT, and Physical Education. They are discussed below.

With the advent of the new session, comes the joyous welcoming of the young juniors into Grade IV. Right from the very beginning students are immersed in fun, engaging lessons painstakingly designed for them by their enthusiastic teachers. Surrounded by a conducive physical environment meshed with colour and literacy, the students are encouraged to explore texts, to think about multiple interpretations and to build up on vocabulary. Spelling quizzes, literature circles, guided and independent reading, internal and external literacy based competitions are just a few of the opportunities provided to these youngsters.

Like its foreign counterpart, Urdu Language is not neglected at The Intellect School. We aim to give Urdu its due importance and constantly brainstorm for new ways to create an environment conducive for our mother language. Our Urdu curriculum is designed as such that it hones a child’s linguistic growth. Our students are constantly presented interactive and learning activities to create a keen interest in Urdu Language. Hence, improving their Urdu comprehension, Urdu pronunciation, listening skills while learning new vocabulary along with the correct use of idioms and metaphoric phrases, used correctly in their daily life.

The learning objectives provide a structure for teaching and learning and a reference against which learners’ abilities and understanding can be checked. It enhances the ability of our students to think analytically and critically to have better reasoning of the problems around them. Our students experience fun learning in Maths through hands on activities. To strengthen Maths concepts, brain stimulating self-study worksheets are given.


We impart interactive and Islamically integrated lessons in Science to enable students to develop inquiring minds and curiosity about Science. They acquire knowledge, conceptual understanding and skills to solve problems and make informed decisions in scientific and other contexts.

Information and Communications Technology (ICT):

At The Intellect School, Computers as a subject is not offered to young children of Grades IV and V. Knowing the fact that it is important to learn in a technology-enhanced environment, all our lessons are planned in such a way that ICT is used. Such lessons are more stimulating and engaging than a traditional classroom environment, therefore all our students are trained to use the computer from a very young age.

Student Recognition:

Students are not ranked positions at The Junior II Section of The Intellect School. However they are awarded for perfect attendance. High achievers in all subjects along with those who have progressed remarkably and show a prominent improvement in their academics, are also awarded certificates.

Assessment System:

Our system doesn’t encourage cramming but imparting knowledge in such a way that students can apply the acquired knowledge in their daily life. Therefore, for grade IV and V we have divided all subjects into two groups. Core subjects which are assessed both formally and informally (Formative and Summative respectively), whereas in support subjects i.e. Social Studies, Tarbiyah, and Arabic are assessed informally throughout the year via Formative Assessments. Weightage of assessment is 60% for Formative and 40 % for Summative Assessment.

Grading System:

Grades IV and V pass percentage is 45 % and 50% respectively. There is no ranking system in our school just to keep the competition among students healthy.


Along with quality education our students participate in inter-school, intra-school, national and international contests.
In Maths students have interschool SUDOKO contest which improves their memory and logic work. It increases their concentration power which help them in their studies.
Our students participate intra school Maths Meet, Maths Smart. Inter school Maths Olympiad (ISMO) at National level. International Kangaroo Contest for Maths, English and Science. Our students of grade IV and V have won medals.

Arts and Crafts

The objective of teaching Art is to allow students to express themselves and to think outside of the box. Students learn collaboration, working together for a common purpose. Art challenges us to appreciate different points of view, and compels us to empathize with others.  It helps students develop non-testable skills such as observing, envisioning, innovating through exploration and reflective self-evaluation.

Physical Education

We at the Intellect School provide two blocks for physical education keeping in mind the love for sports  that young students of Grade IV and V have. Quality physical education programmes are needed to increase  physical competence, health-related fitness, self-responsibility and enjoyment of physical activities for all students so that they can be physically active for a lifetime. In PE,  students go for swimming and play different outdoor games and sports.

Social Services

Bake sales, Carnival, Arabic market and other activities are carried out to raise funds for various causes (Syria, Rohingian Muslims and earthquake victims etc.).Students learn how to interact socially, how to understand the other people’s problems and how to work for the social betterment of society. This not only serves the community but also enables students to become more socially responsible.

Field Trips

One of The Intellect School’s teaching methodologies is ensuring students put theory learned in class into practice. Students are taken for Field trips to provide enrichment in their learning.