Message from The Vice Principal

Dear Parents,


The mission of the Intellect School Junior Section has been to focus on learning for every student every day. The vision at The Intellect School emphasizes the fact that learning is reflected in both achievement and growth. In the Junior Section, we help children build a strong foundation of academic skills and competencies during their formative years. We strive to prepare our students for the future with a keen focus on their spiritual, moral and social development. 

Ms Sadia Rehman
Vice Principal Juniors



The focus of the Junior Year Literacy programme is to develop the reading, writing, speaking and listening skills of all the students from foundation through to Grade 3. This provides the building blocks of skills, strategies and attitudes for future learning. Students are exposed to a variety of texts during the literacy session that foster enjoyment, purpose, understanding and confidence. The teachers use different methodologies and incorporate a variety of approaches to ensure the child is receiving the best possible teaching and learning practices in achieving the literacy goals. Each week during the literacy block, focused activities in listening, guided reading, independent reading, writing and word-detective work (phonics, vocabulary extension and sentence construction) are incorporated to raise the literacy standards of the students.


We offer a comprehensive numeracy programme which provides students with a strong grounding in mathematical skills, strategies and understanding. Math classes are equipped with resources such as counters, attribute blocks, clocks, rulers and task cards. Throughout the mathematics sessions teachers monitor and assess students progress. Ongoing assessment informs teachers about the children progress enabling them to adjust the teaching focus and allows for extension of students who are performing above grade level expectations and additional support for those who initially struggle with numerical concepts. 


The Intellect School strives to prepare the leaders of tomorrow’s Muslim Ummah. Tarbiyah is not only a part of our curriculum as a subject on its own rather every lesson delivered is Islamically integrated in one way or the other. The Tarbiyah Department is dedicated to nurturing our students with Islamic and innovative educational methods, while helping to mold them to be noble individuals spiritually, morally and ethically with strong leadership abilities. The school strives to do the tarbiyah of not just the students but the teachers also through regular bayans and taleem sessions.


The Intellect School’s Junior Section no longer offers Arabic as one of the subjects. However, due to popular demand by the parents the school decided to offer spoken Arabic classes after school. Many children attend these classes regularly. The Arabic teachers work with zeal and enthusiasm throughout the day and after school to fulfill their assigned duties.


Many parents prefer enrolling their children, especially the boys, to The Intellect School because of the Tajweed department and the option of Hifz. The Tajweed department works with responsibility and ownership by preparing the students in one of the most difficult yet important subjects. Children are not only monitored in perfecting their tajweed but also their recitation. Students memorise ahadith, daily supplications as well as Surahs throughout their junior years. By the third grade, the teachers start preparing them to perform Salah.

Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

The ICT is integrated into the curriculum and engaging lessons are delivered through power point presentations, videos, Smart Board and Smart Notebook. These approaches lead to higher order thinking skills, provide creative and individualized options for students to express their understanding and leave students better prepared to deal with ongoing technological change in society and the workplace.


Three years of early education, we offer a rich co-curriculum to groom our students socially and emotionally. They get the chance to work together where they can apply their learnt skills and become self-confident.

Morning Assemblies

Morning assembly is one of the most serene and important features of our school curriculum. Every morning students gather in the courtyard to learn the value of collective prayer, be well informed about the school happenings and are exposed to the need to inculcate moral and ethical values. Our morning assembly is a creative channelization of the innate talents of the students.

Qirat Competition

Alhamdulilah, The Intellect School has a very strong Tajweed department. Every year a Qirat competition is hosted by the Tajweed teachers of the Junior Section. Children memorize assigned Surahs and recite them beautifully on the day of the competition. External guests and judges are invited to assess the abilities of the children. The contest has always been thoroughly enjoyed and well-appreciated by the visitors.

Tarbiyah Quiz

Character building of our students is the priority of our school. The Junior Section arranges an inter-school and class level Tarbiyah Quiz for its students to enhance and instill moral values. The teachers and the parents prepare the students for this grand event. Apart from a sense of achievement for the winners, this quiz increases the knowledge of the participants and the audience.


Learning to swim is an essential life skill. The students of Junior School are taught swimming lessons by qualified teachers developing all the skills needed for children to be competent, confident and safe in the water. The pool has excellent facilities, and children learn to swim in a safe and fun environment.


Maths Quiz

An inter-school Math Quiz is organized for the students of Grade II and Grade III. The students and the teachers show endless efforts-from the selection round till the grand finale! The event takes place in the Zainab Qasim Auditorium and proves to be a learning experience for both the participants as well the viewers.

Readers’ Theatre

In order to enhance students’ reading skills and confidence, Reader’s Theater is organized by the students of Grade I-III. The students are given the scripts to read aloud with expression in the morning assembly thus promoting their fluency and building reading confidence. It’s a fun and enjoyable activity for children. Students read the script aloud, modeling appropriate reading strategies while reading.

Public Speaking Contests

The Junior Section organizes two separate events to improve the skill of clear and expressive speech, especially of distinct pronunciation and articulation. The students of the Junior Section participate in the Elocution and Speech Contest. Children deliver spectacular performances in English and Urdu. The goal of this contest is geared towards introducing and encouraging our young intellects to the art of elocution and speaking in public. 

Spelling Bee Contest

The Spelling Bee not only provides a valuable educational experience for the children, but also allows them to engage in healthy competition. The Spelling Bee competition results in several benefits ranging from higher confidence to better vocabulary. All the students of the Junior Section go through three written rounds, followed by the inter-class oral semi-final producing the two finalists who then go onto the stage to participate in the grand finale.

Annual Presentation

It is the most awaited event in which every student of the Junior Section gets a chance to go onto the stage to display their talents in front of a large audience. It takes place in well-decorated Zainab Qasim Auditorium where the air is filled with the mothers’ excitement. The teachers and the students prepare for this extra-curricular event while continuing with the academics. The students benefit a lot from this event as they shed their inhibitions and build their confidence.

Annual Sports Day

Our deen teaches us the importance of physical strength and training. The body is an amanah of Allah SWT and as Muslims, we are ordered to do it justice; justice by eating healthy food, adopting a good sleeping routine and by exercising to maintain and enhance our strength. The Intellect School considers physical education as one of its main pillars. Children participate in various sports activities such as taekwondo, swimming, basketball, cricket etc. and have weekly classes for physical education along with their academics.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Art Beat Art Competition

Every year, the young artists of The Intellect School participate in the Art Beat National Competition. This competition promotes a visual culture amongst the children. All the participants are awarded with certificates of appreciation.

The Kangourou Sans Frontieres-Pakistan

The students from the Junior Section of The Intellect School participate in the International Kangaroo Science Contest, International Kangaroo Linguistic Contest and International Kangaroo Mathematics Contest. These contests provide an international recognition to the pupils at a very early stage of their life. These competitions give them confidence and an opportunity to prove that their talent matches the international level.

Masha Allah, the students of The Intellect School Junior Section have always shown outstanding performance in these contests.

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