Message from The Academic Headmistress

Dear Parents,


Welcome to The Intellect School – Middle Girls’ Section.We believe that education is a powerful tool, for its meaning is often overlooked. Education is not only to possess a command over academics but to train a mind, increasing a student’s potential and utilizing it to the fullest. In Islam, true education means to have a beam of positivity while having a staunch hold on our belief that eventually we will find light at the end of the tunnel. According to Moulana Abdus Sattar Sahab, “Knowledge that brings you closer to Allah (SWT) is real education.” On the other hand, modern philosophy says that education prepares a person for life but education is life in itself.”

Keeping the essence of this thought in mind, education at the Senior Girls also enable our students to start applying that knowledge to practical life. For instance, a student studying Economics, is expected to be able to manage basic finances of daily life, hence preparing her for the future where she might take responsibilities, either of a family maker or make a fetching career out of this fresh potential.
It is imperative to understand whether a student opts a profession or not, education is unquestionably important. For each seed laid in the garden of education today is a contribution for the greater good tomorrow; first to the society and then to the Muslim Ummah, consequently contributing to a healthy, happy and faith-wise prospering progressive society.

With this note, I hope and pray that when you send your precious pearls to us, please remember that education in present times, is a collective effort. Together, we help prepare our girls to become unshakeable roots of the Muslim Ummah.

Jazakumullah Khairan,

Mrs. Samin Sarfaraz
Academic Headmistress
Middle School Girls’ Section


Our aim is to make the transition from Junior II to Middle School smooth and convenient, as much as possible.

TIS Middle Section’s main focus is on a pupil’s daily learning. For achievement and progress can only reveal the academic bar set by the academic team of TIS. Hence, students study a multitude of disciplines, which include: English, Math, Science, History, Geography, Urdu, Arabic, Art, ICT, and P.E. They are discussed below.

Our primary focus is the emphasis on reading, gradually leading to independent and creative written expression. Students are encouraged to explore texts, to think about multiple interpretations and to build up on vocabulary through collaborative and personalised learning. Spelling quizzes, literature circles, guided and independent reading, internal and external literacy based competitions are just a few of the opportunities provided to The Intellect youngsters.

Like its foreign counterpart, Urdu Language is not neglected at The Intellect School. We aim to give Urdu its due importance and constantly brainstorm for new ways to create an environment conducive for our mother language. Our Urdu curriculum is designed as such that it hones a child’s linguistic growth. Our students are constantly presented interactive and learning activities to create a keen interest in Urdu Language. Hence, improving their Urdu comprehension, Urdu pronunciation, listening skills while learning new vocabulary along with the correct use of idioms and metaphoric phrases, used correctly in their daily life. At the end of the day, all such endeavours such as creative writing and vocabulary, aim to refine and cultivate Urdu Language.

The Mathematics curriculum provides a comprehensive set of progressive learning objectives.  The objectives detail what the learner should know or what they should be able to do in each year of secondary education.  The learning objectives provide a structure for teaching and learning and a reference against which learners’ ability and understanding can be checked.
It enhances ability of our students to think analytically and critically to have better reasoning of the problems around them. Our students experience fun learning in Maths through hands on activities. To strengthen Maths concept, brain stimulating self-study worksheets are given.

We impart interactive and Islamically integrated lessons in Science to enable students to develop inquiring minds and curiosity about Science. They acquire knowledge, conceptual understanding and skills to solve problems and make informed decisions in scientific and other contexts.

Information and Communications Technology (ICT):
At The Intellect School, Computers as a subject is offered to young children of Grades VI onward. In addition, knowing the fact that it is important to learn in a technology-enhanced environment, all our lessons are planned in such a way that ICT is used. Such lessons are more stimulating and engaging than a traditional classroom environment, therefore all our students are trained to use the computer from a very young age.

Student Recognition:
Students are not ranked positions at The Secondary Section of The Intellect School. However they are awarded for perfect attendance. High achievers in all subjects along with those who have progressed remarkably and show a prominent improvement in their academics, are also awarded certificates. Badges are also given to students, who converse in English, with their peers and their teachers during school hours.

Assessment System:
Our system doesn’t encourage cramming but imparting knowledge in such a way that students can apply the acquired knowledge in their daily life. The first term starts from August and ends in December whereas second term starts from January and ends in May. Weightage of assessment is 60% for Formative and 40 % for Summative assessment. The Term Reports are based on the term marks while the Final term report is based on the average of the 1st term and final term marks.

Grading System:
There is no ranking system in our school just to keep the competition among students healthy.


Along with quality education our students participate in inter-school, intra-school, national and international contests. Our students have participated in competitions such as SUDOKO, the intra school Maths Meet, Maths Smart. Inter school Maths Olympiad (ISMO) at National level. On the international front, the International Kangaroo Contest(s) for Maths, English and Science have proved to be excellent learning sources for our students, who have immensely been victorious, bringing gold, silver and bronze medals.

Art and Craft

Art education allows young students to express themselves while making them critical thinkers. Hence, as students gain confidence in showcasing their artwork through the annual exhibition, they learn that both teamwork and collaboration makes work a lot more fun!

Physical Education

TIS aims for quality physical education programs to increase fitness while also allowing students to enjoy games and sports out in the field, is extremely crucial. Students are presented a variety to opt for in games and sports while a certified experienced swimming instructor also holds a weekly block with the students.

Social Services

Bake sales, Carnival, Arabic market and other activities are carried out to raise funds for various causes (Syria, Rohingya Muslims and earthquake victims etc.)


Registrations for the upcoming session commence from November until January. Admission tests are taken in November and February with result being announced in December and March. We offer admissions at entry level, i.e. Nursery. However, admissions for classes KG-I onwards are strictly subject to availability of seats.

Parents of candidate are required to fill in a registration form at the Administration Office (also available on the school’s website) and submit relevant documents, after which they are provided with an interview/test slip to indicate when the candidate has been called for his/her interview/test.

English and Urdu Language Tests are based on composition and comprehension respectively. While Maths Tests are based on the concepts taught and learned in the previous class and the Tajweed Syllabus is given at the time of form submission.

Results are compiled and communicated accordingly, after which an interview schedule for parents of successful candidates is compiled. Subsequent to interview parents of successful candidates are told to collect fee structure for their child and to submit the required amount within a week of being informed. Payment for admission is taken ONLY in form of pay order (PO). Admission is finalised upon receival of PO and submission of admission form dully filled at time of PO submission.

  • The process can be done by:
  1. a) Visiting the Admission Office.
  2. b) Downloading the form from our school website (
  • Filled Registration Form to be submitted online or to the admission office.
  • The following documents have to be submitted along with the registration form:
  1. Original Birth Certificate of the candidate and one photocopy.
  2. One photocopy each, of CNIC of the mother and father.
  3. Two recent photographs of the candidate (size 1×1) with the name of candidate written clearly at the back.
  4. Report Card from the previous school.
  5. Two postal envelopes with the name and address of the candidate clearly written.
  6. Registration charges Rs. 1500/-

Please Note: Registration does not guarantee admission. Therefore, parents are strongly urged to apply to other schools as well. We look forward to a positive response and cooperation from you.

Our admission procedure commences with an announcement of registration for the next academic session. Parents are provided registration dates during which they can register their child by filling in a registration form and submitting relevant documents. Parents are charged a non-refundable registration fee after which the child is eligible for an entry test.

After the registration, children are then assessed / interviewed to gauge their eligibility for admissions. Candidates applying for class KG I and above are informed of the dates on which they will be required to give admission test. There is no formal testing for children applying for Nursery class. Admission is based jointly on interview held with parents as well as behavioural assessment of the candidate.

After the admission tests are held, parents of successful candidates are subsequently interviewed.  Parents are accordingly informed and are then given a deadline within which pay order must be submitted. It is only after submission of pay order that admission is finalised.

Grade                  Age Requirement

Grade VI             10.6 years – 11.5 years

Grade VII            11.6 years – 12.5 years

Grade VIII           12.6 years – 13.5 years

Financial Assistance for deserving students: Financial assistance in the form of discount in admission and monthly tuition fees may be granted to any deserving candidate, provided

The school management has assessed the child’s performance to be above average

The guardian of the child genuinely finds it difficult to finance his/ her education expenses. In order to ascertain this, following documents shall be obtained from the guardians of the child:

An application for financial assistance

A declaration to the effect that the income of the guardian is not sufficient to support the school fees

Copies of last paid utilities bills

Any other document deemed necessary

The Intellect School uniform can easily be purchased. The required address is provided in the school pack at the end of academic session.

Please note that The Intellect School does not provide transportation to its students directly. For this purpose, students are requested to avail private van services, available within premises of the school or as per their convenience.


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