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At The Intellect School, we offer a unique programme of high academic standards with a strong emphasis on character-building. Our aim is to provide children with an excellent learning environment where they have an opportunity to develop skills and Islamic values needed to become firm believers, who seek excellence in all their endeavours. 
We strive to provide an environment which is conducive and holistic in its approach towards ensuring success. This is our commitment to the parents, who entrust us with the responsibility of educating & nurturing their young ones.

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The 'Salad and Sandwich' Competition

organised by Grade XI of the O level Girls Section

Upcoming Events

  • In-House Sports Day

    Sports event is planned at the school sports field. Boys - 20th March 2021 Elementary - 24th & 25th March 2021 Junior I - 26th March 2021 Junior II - 1st April 2021 Senior - 2nd April 2021

  • Motivational Talk

    Motivational talk for the students of senior section is planned on 25th March 2021

  • Pakistan Day

    Pakistan day celebration will be held on 22nd march 2021 for the students of grade IV and V

Participation & Achievements


The Intellect is proud to announce the outstanding International Kangaroo Linguistic Competition (IKLC) result for the session 2019-20. With 4 gold medals, 4 silver medals and a whopping 19 bronze medals, we feel humbled that Allah SWT has blessed us with this honour. We appreciate the efforts of the teachers and parents alike who worked together to enable this victory. 

We continue to strive and do our best to uplift our students and provide platforms for them to unleash their productivity and creativity and pray to Allah SWT to continue showering he Rahmah on us.

What Parents Say!

“Assalam-u-Alaikum, The high standards of The Intellect School along with the peace of mind that we have as parents that our children are in a safe environment where Islamic and moral values are being taught made me and my children proud to be a part of The Intellect School.”

Mother of Muhammad Hammadullah Khan
(Grade XI)

“Salam, Intellect is a place where my kids are enthusiastic to go. They feel proud to be a part of the Intellect as it does not serve merely as an academic institution but a place where the soul also feels peace.”

Mother of Muhammad Mustafa, Suwaibah Imran& Maham Imran
(Grade KGI , IIIA & IVA)

“AOA, the high standards set by Intellect along with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that our children are in a safe environment and that they are being taught Islamic and moral values is comforting. The same love and respect my daughters feel at home is also being carried over in their school. I cannot imagine them to be any happier anywhere else!”

Mother of Fatima & Maryam
(Grade I-B & Nur-I )




Our pre-primary section is designed to assist with the mental, physical and emotional growth of children. We help them to groom socially and aid them in developing their language. We take pride in providing the best tarbiyah to our students from a very early age in school.




Junior I

The Junior-I Section caters to classes 1, 2 and 3. We provide the best curriculum to our students with emphasis on conceptual development. Our regular teacher & staff training programmes help our children learn and stay up to date. As we follow the British National Curriculum, we make sure to inculcate Islamic morals and values to lend authenticity to student learning, making them confident in their Islamic identity.


Junior II Girls

The Junior-II Section caters to classes 4 and 5. We ensure a smooth transition of knowledge to our students. It is our firm commitment to provide them with the latest methods and teaching techniques, while the British national curriculum is followed in coordination with an integrated Islamic curriculum.

Junior II Boys & Hifz Academic

The Intellect School takes pride in running a unique system of integrating Hifz with Academics. Students get to learn regular school academics and experience co-curricular activities alongside Hifz. The programme is offered to boys only mainly studying at the Intellect. Outsiders are also encouraged to apply.

Middle Section Girls

The Middle section at Intellect begins from class 6 to 8. Our comprehensive academic programme prepares a child to excel in their life. The curriculum designed is based on Islamic values while also meeting the academic needs of our students, thus encouraging them to explore their passions at school and in their daily lives.


Middle Section Boys

The Middle section at The Intellect begins from class 6 to 8. Our comprehensive academic program prepares a child to excel in their life. The curriculum designed is based on Islamic values while also meeting the academic needs of our students, thus encouraging them to explore their passions at school and in their daily lives.

O Level Girls

The Senior Section at Intellect begins from class 9 to O’ Levels. Our scholastic approach for senior school is all-inclusive as we prepare our students to tackle real-world problems that inspire them to think creatively and critically. This further teach them to work collaboratively as they delve deeper into academic disciplines, all offered in affiliation with CAIE.


O Level Boys

Established in 2010, The Intellect Boys Section follow the motto: to mentor students so that the next generation can both be a strong practicing Muslim while stand strong and tall in world. The Cambridge International Examination Syllabi is followed along with focus on religious and moral development as well. Our highly qualified faculty consists of well-experienced teachers who have taught for CAIE exams and have scored immensely well in the past.


A Levels

The Intellect School launched its A level programme in 2018. Understanding the needs of parents and students who prefer an all-girls school, The Intellect provides quality education to its students to prepare future generation for broader horizons and a greater involvement in the improvement of our society. A highly qualified teaching staff, who not only give them course centric education but also nurture them spiritually thereby developing well rounded individuals.