Message from Junior II Coordinator

The school is committed to helping students become responsible for their own actions. Our code of conduct is meant to help them reflect upon their own actions and draw conclusions and lessons for the future. A variety of progressive discipline strategies are in place and will be applicable as required.

We encourage our students to care about learning with the exact same passion. Learning is personal to each one of us. As lifelong learners we decide what, when, and how we learn. If we can plant the desire for success in our students at an early age, then we believe them to be unstoppable.

At school a new day dawns, and with it there comes possibilities for chances of success, empathy, and discovery. Inspiration is everywhere you look. The opportunity to be better than you were yesterday is right here, right now in the Intellect school.

Mr Shadman Qadir
Section Coordinator IV & V


Grade IV is the entrance point into the Boys’ Campus. A large majority of grade IV is made up of students who have completed their Grade III in the Girls’ Campus.  Those who do not opt for, or are not selected for the Hifz programme join Grade IV. Owing to the seats vacated by students joining the Hifz, quite a large number of new admissions take place in Grade IV. 

For the academic programme, Grades IV and V offer the same subjects – including Arabic – as offered in the Middle School (Grades VI to VIII). The major difference is in the assessment system; while Formative Assessment applies to all subjects, Formal-Summative assessment is conducted in only the core subjects: English, Urdu, Maths and Science.


We offer a rich co -curriculum to groom our students socially and emotionally. They get the chance to work together where they can apply their learnt skills and become self-confident.

Eid Milan Party

The Eid Milan Party is held annually. Students wear colourful dresses and the atmosphere of the school becomes festive. They share their lunch in their classes with their fellows and the joy of the occasion is shared amongst all.

Health Talks

Medical experts visit the Campus and address the students about various topics on their health, and develop an awareness about diseases, their prevention and cure. Students learn many new things from these sessions.

Spelling Bee

The Intra-school Spelling Bee was held in the Month of October. All the students and participants were very active during the event and they enjoyed a lot. The students were well prepared and it was a tuff competition amongst all the students. Certificates were given to the participants and the winners were selected by the judges of the event.

Swimming Competition

Students were very excited for the event, the event took place in September and the enthusiastic swimmers actively participated in the event. The audience encouraged the participants and there was an atmosphere of fun during the event. The winners of the event awarded as well.

Football Tournament

The most adrenaline-pumping event was the Intra-school Football Tournament which was held in October. The students were very excited for this event and the event went very well according to the plan. It was very much fun for the participants and the audience both. Sports are very important for the students, and such events make them students more active.

Qirat Competition

The Qirat competition was held in August along with the celebration of the Independence Day. The students actively took part in the competition, the winners were chosen by the judges. The Qirat competition was a great success, the event was pleasure for the soul and the participants had a pleasant-sounding voice and the audience enjoyed a lot. The winners were awarded with certificates.


The Bayan was carried out in the month of October. Molana Munir shared his experiences with the students, the students were very interested during the sermon and it was full of knowledge for everyone. Such Bayans are very important for polishing the beliefs and students tend to remember what is being said for a longer time.


The IKSC was held in September, Students, who had a deep interest in the field of science, participated in the event. The students learned a lot and one of our students scored a Bronze Medal in the IKSC.

Oath Taking Ceremony

September was the month of the selection of the candidates for the council. The Ameer and the Naib Ameer and the Prefects were selected by the teachers by a mutual consent. The key criteria for the selection was to select students who could act as role models in all fields for example studies, behavior and character.

Arabic Role Play

The Arabic roleplay at our school took place on 26th January 2023 which provided an unforgettable learning experience, enabling students to explore the language, customs, and traditions of the Arab world in a fun and interactive manner. By actively engaging in role play activities, they developed language skills, cultural sensitivity, and an appreciation for diversity. This immersive journey through the Arabic world fostered empathy, respect, and a global mindset among students, nurturing their ability to connect with different cultures and languages.

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