Message from The Vice Principal

The mission of The Intellect Elementary School is to develop keen learners who are side by side, practicing Muslims. We work to instill Islamic values in our students in a safe, caring environment. By meeting assessment targets, and increasing individual achievement, we work to help students achieve worldly and spiritual knowledge to provide model modern Muslim youth to the society. At the Intellect School, our Elementary Section has a reputation of excellence and we will continue to work hard and become the best.  We are committed to providing innovative lessons with hands on activities to our students and introducing technological advances in order to meet the needs of the 21st century learner.

Parents often ask, how they can help their children at school and my answer is always the same-READ!! The ability to read and write is necessary to master all school subjects and to communicate what is learned. Reading is one of the most inexpensive and readily available forms of education and entertainment! Please continue to reinforce the importance of reading every day. Reading every day at home is not an option, but a must so that your child can exceed academically and build high vocabulary.

I firmly believe the partnership between our families and our school is an important part of our success. Students benefit when parents and guardians are involved in their learning.  It is our goal to have consistent communication between home and school; we offer regular opportunities for families to learn about what is happening at school.

Together, we will help your child, and all of our students, develop a love for learning and good life-long habits!

Ms Sadia Rehman
Vice Principal Elementary


At The Intellect, Elementary Section, we groom our children in all aspects of life. An environment rich with language is provided through new vocabulary and interactive activities. Pre language and Maths skills are taught through interactive games to develop understanding and confidence. Tajweed, Art & Crafts, multimedia and educational field trips enhance their learning experience.  Early years of education along with the readiness of school is focusing on developing the social and emotional needs of our young learners through exploration, experimentation, and conversation.

Young learners require approval and encouragement from the adults who are around them to develop patience and confidence in them. They explore their surroundings and learn to appreciate and be tolerant. This attitude at school builds their learning skills and gives them a readiness for school life ahead.Our curriculum is specifically designed to facilitate students to develop understanding of their Deen. From early years they are taught all subjects in the light of the Quran and Sunnah. Regular studies with Islamic integration along with Tabiyah help our young learners to understand the world around them and become confident Muslim’s who will face the world.Children have the tendency to learn and memorize; they can also learn more than one language at a time easily, and keeping this quality we begin Tajweed as early as in Nursery. Children are taught Tawauz and Tasmiya at nursery level with its importance and by the time they leave Elementary they build sound knowledge of all the rules of Tajweed. We provide a routine in which we ensure that children interact and actively participate in class group lessons. Everyday group lessons are followed up with hands on material to make children learn by doing and practicing. We ensure that interest and concentration is being harnessed side by side. The teaching methodologies are based to make children independent, both in action and in thought. Listening and Language skills and concepts are taught through innovative and engaging activities that support and guide the children to academic success and healthy personal growth. From an early stage we want them to develop interest in reading as we begin pre reading games from Nursery. By the time they reach Kindergarten, they enjoy the experience of independently selecting books from library. This Elementary journey is full of wonderful and exciting adventures.All our activities are designed to cater different kinds of students, each and every student gets individual attention.  We maintain individual student report and monitor their progress. Regular feedbacks are provided to parents to keep a strong bridge between home and school.​


Three years of early education, we offer a rich co -curriculum to groom our students socially and emotionally. They get the chance to work together where they can apply their learnt skills and become self-confident.

Value of the Month

Tarbiyah of children is the prime objective of the School. It encompasses all aspects physical, spiritual, intellectual, emotional, and moralistic raising a child with an emphasis on the idea of upwards, lofty and balanced growth so that the child not only practices Islamic teachings but also Islamic values and best code of conduct in society. A Value of The Month is followed and implemented through lesson plans, assembly presentations, school events, environmental boards and activity-based projects. We focus on an environment which is created to impart values in students.

Arts and Crafts

Arts and Crafts bring out creativity in students and creates a well-rounded and well prepared learner and leader of the future. We weave art into our core classroom curricula as well.In addition we teach specific artistic skills and abilities. Arts and Crafts instruction at the elementary section help in the development of motor skills and eye and hand coordination is enhanced. These Art exercises develop their decision making, risk taking and most of all develop their observational skills. Arts and Crafts help students to excel in all other subjects at school.

Physical Education

In the Elementary section, motor skills are the focus of instruction. To nurture minds we must facilitate physical growth of our students Physical education helps in maintaining a healthy body and mind.  Physical education is an essential and unique part of the elementary school curriculum and is vital to every student’s education and lifelong well-being. We have a qualified physical education teacher delivering a standards-based curriculum that will assist students in adopting and maintaining healthy lifestyles. Physical education not only teaches team building skills but also develops confident individuals that are active and healthy. It also contributes to student success, academic achievement, and brain development.


Our goal is understanding and exemplifying good library behaviour along with listening skills. Literature awareness is brought about through introduction of famous authors and illustrators. Children, along with learning the basic rules of library, get the understanding of different elements of stories such as themes, setting, plot and characters. The library is regularly updated to keep the love and excitement alive.

Sports Day

The spirit of friendly competition comes alive on Elementary Sports Day. The children participate in a wide range of sports activities. They cheer for their teammates and learn remarkable lessons about sportsmanship. Everyone’s a Winner! Children are guaranteed to win sports day souvenirs for their hard work. We make sure that each and every child is fully participating as we want them to develop discipline, abide by rules, fair play and respect others.


To cope with vast technological change, we provide an introduction to ICT which is used in a productive way to deliver curriculum using available resources. There is access to an Audio-visual room equipped with a projector and audio visual online resources. We use this resource to develop the children’s vocabulary through story time. Our online phonics programme and various other fun activities help to build their comprehension and imagination. Power Point Presentations are made to facilitate better understanding amongst students. ICT skills are essential in developing critical 21st century skills.

Annual Presentation

Our academic year is incomplete without our Annual Presentation. Students, teachers and parents work together as a team to make this annual day a great success every year. Each and every student participates   in this programme and gives their absolute best on the stage. Preparation for this day commences months beforehand; regular practice boosts their confidence. These little ones manage to take away the breath of the audience by their adorable performance. 

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