The A Level Program

The Intellect School launched the A level programme in 2018. Understanding the needs of parents and students who prefer segregated schools, The Intellect provides quality education to its students to broaden their horizons, and provide them with a holistic approach to learning in order to make them valuable members of the society. A highly qualified teaching staff, which not only gives them course centric education but also nurture them spiritually thereby developing well rounded individuals.

Our academic programme offers a balanced A Level curriculum with both the Science and Commerce subjects necessary to pursue all types of higher education – including Medicine and Engineering. We have an interdisciplinary approach, so that students acquire a variety of skills. The curriculum has the following key features:

1)  In-depth subject content.

2)  Promotes independent thinking.

3)  Provides opportunities to apply knowledge and understanding to new as well as familiar situations

4)  Students are taught to:

  • Handle and evaluate different types of information sources.
  • Think logically and present ordered and coherent arguments.
  • Make judgements, recommendations and decisions.

The Intellect School is affiliated with, and all subjects are offered through, the Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE). The Centre Number is PK589.

Coordinator's Message

“ Education, knowledge and learning are mutual responsibilities amongst devoted teachers, motivated students and zealous parents with high expectations.”

The role of an academic institution is not only to pursue academic excellence but also to motivate and empower its students to be lifelong learners, critical thinkers, and productive members of an ever-changing global society. At the Intellect School we provide an atmosphere to our students for heterogeneous development , where students are encouraged to channelize their true potential. This can only be possible in a comprehensive, student centric environment. The abilities, skills and the achievements need to be nurtured and encouraged so that the student is able to attain the heights of achievements. The Intellect School A Levels provides them opportunities to exhibit and express their skills other than providing them with good education. The school is diligently working to make the best possible efforts to inculcate strong values combined with academics in the students. At the Intellect, academic excellence is a major thrust and because of this we have put a great deal of effort in hiring the best teachers for our students.  

Parents are the most strengthening power in constructing the future of their children. Their consistent support helps us to do our best. We humbly pay our gratitude to them for supporting us and believing in us. We strongly believe that by the will of Allah (swt), Intellect will prosper and will become stronger, adding a new leaf to the grandeur of the school.

Ms Ramla Hussain
A Level Coordinator


We currently offers the following Cambridge International AS & A Level subjects – taught at the AS and A Levels:

Accounting (9706)

Students explore the role and responsibilities of the accountant, and study areas such as financial accounting and cost and management accounting.

Biology (9700)

The course encourages creative thinking and problem-solving skills which are transferable to any future career path in science.

Business (9609)

It encourages students to examine the process of decision-making in a dynamic and changing business environment and to develop critical understanding of business organizations.

Chemistry (9701)

The course encourages creative thinking and problem-solving skills which are transferable to any future career path in science.

Computer Science (9618)

Learners develop computational thinking & programming skills to solve computer science problems.

Economics (9708)

Students learn how to explain and analyse economic issues and arguments, evaluate economic information, and organise, present and communicate ideas and judgements clearly.

Mathematics (9709)

Learners become able to think logically and independently, consider accuracy, model situations mathematically, analyse results and reflect on findings.

Physics (9702)

The course encourages creative thinking and problem-solving skills which are transferable to any future career path in science.

Psychology (9990)

It is designed to give students an understanding of psychological concepts, theories and research methodology.

Sociology (9699)

The subject offers learners the opportunity not only to explore the processes that are shaping current trends, but also to develop an understanding of the complexity and diversity of human societies and their continuities with the past.

Urdu (9686)

Learners will gain an understanding of how to use the language in a variety of situations.

The duration of each A Level course is two academic years. A subject will be offered if a minimum of 3 students opt for it. Each student may select a minimum of three subjects and a maximum of four subjects.

The Intellect School foster global citizens that are informed engaged and active. We provide a holistic A level programme that balances academics and Co-curricular activities to develop well rounded individuals.

Each year, the A level section plan an exciting extra-curricular calendar that includes sports and science events, painting competitions, bake sales, field trips, workshops conducted by renowned trainees, motivational talks, University Visits, sports tournaments etc.

If our students are to become responsible and involved citizens, they need to recognize at an early stage the issues faced by our society in general role they can play in developing healthy communities. Our school provides enabling environment, promoting democratic principles through student councils and developing communication skills through the MUN (Modern United Nations) activity.

Community Service:

Our students are involved in community service which can take the form of visits to hospitals and schools for the underprivileged, fundraising and sustainable environment campaigns, and much more, all of which encourages them to develop a set of attitudes and behaviours that will help them become valued members of society.

Celebrating Student Achievement

The Intellect School believes in celebrating its students’ achievements. Each year, it is our tradition to hold a Award distribution ceremony for students of the graduating A level classes.

At The Intellect School, we celebrate the creative and physical as much as the academic and intellectual development of our students, so our A level section has the following major facilities:

  • Open and vast playing grounds
  • Basketball court
  • Fully equipped science and computer labs
  • Library
  • Gymnasium
  • Swimming pool Area
  • Common room
  • Personal Lockers
  • Leisure area that includes snooker and table tennis also

Our aim is to provide dedicated blocks with teaching and recreational facilities appropriate to the needs of older students and reflecting the greater degree of independence they should be given.

Modern Classrooms:

Our Spacious bright classrooms are furnished with high quality furniture, modern amenities and multimedia projectors to create an effective learning and teaching environment.

Computer laboratories:

Fully air-conditioned and equipped with state-of-the-art hardware and software, our computer laboratories provide networking and internet facilities to the standards required by Cambridge International.

Science Laboratories:

Laboratories that conform to Cambridge International standards are fully-equipped with all the requisite apparatus and chemicals. They are regularly upgraded in accordance with the syllabus and student strength requirements.


Comprehensively stocked libraries with high quality furniture and fixtures provide an environment that promotes self-study, research and investigation. The libraries are well-stocked with subject reference material, general reading matter, fiction and a number of quality local and international journals and periodicals for the benefit of students and staff. Computers and controlled internet access in the libraries enable students to conduct online research and access global resources.

Common Room:

Well-furnished common rooms with educational and recreational activities which provide A Level students with a comfortable and congenial atmosphere in which to spend their leisure time are also present.

Sports and Physical Fitness:

Outdoor sports and indoor games provide opportunities for all students to develop their skills. We have well-trained and highly qualified national coaches for most sports, especially basketball, handball, table tennis, badminton etc. Our students have participated successfully in national and international events.

Well-equipped gymnasiums, large swimming pools and playgrounds conforming to international standards promote physical fitness. Trained staff members are employed to help students maintain their general fitness.

Grades Percentages
A* 90 – 100
A 80 – 89
B 70 – 79
C 60 – 69
D 50 – 59
E 40 – 49
U Less than 40
The Final Transcript for AS Level summarizes the student’s progress throughout the year.
Subjects Q1 (50 marks) Q2 (50 marks) Mock exam (100) Percentage Grade
  • In order for the students to succeed at The Intellect, they are expected to preserve and uphold the values in their conduct at all times, and in doing so, maintain high academic values. Students found acting in contradiction to these values will face disciplinary action. 
  • The following actions will be deemed as direct violation of the discipline policy of the Intellect:

    • Being disrespectful towards a teacher, staff member or fellow student
    • Failure to adhere to instructions issued by a teacher or staff member
    • Uninformed absences
    • Cheating on a test, assignment or exam
    • Plagiarizing other people’s work, ideas and/or research
    • Bullying or harassing other students in any way.
    • Conduct which threatens or endangers the health or safety of any person.
    • Engaging in a physical or abusive verbal altercation with another student
    • Damaging and/or vandalizing the school’s property
    • Using foul language
    • Furnishing false information for Intellect records – grades, contact information and application data
    • Use of mobile phones inside the premises.

 Disciplinary Action 

  • If a student engages in any of the behaviors listed above, she will be required to report to a senior staff member immediately and her parents will be notified.
  • Parents along with the students will be asked to meet with the Principal in case of serious or repeated violations.

  • The Principal, after contacting all the individuals involved, will reach a consensus on the consequences to be faced by the student. These may include disciplinary probation, suspension, being asked to withdraw enrollment or direct expulsion.

Attendance is of the utmost importance. The Intellect expects students to attend school regularly and be present for all classes, tests, examinations and relevant school activities during the entire school year.

Students are expected to maintain 95% attendance. All students must be in school when school is in session unless otherwise noted. If a student is late to class, it is the teacher’s discretion to mark her absent.

Parents will be notified if a student’s attendance is low. In certain situations, parents may be called in for a meeting to discuss absenteeism. All correspondence regarding this issue will be put in the student file.

Attendance statistics also appear on students’ records. Students with low attendance may face difficulty in securing admission to higher education institutions

Absence Policy

Students or their parents are required to notify the management beforehand about any absences in writing.

If a student is sick for three days or more, a medical certificate must be obtained, and prior to returning to class, must be submitted to the administration office. If no written excuse is delivered, the absence will be noted as ‘unauthorised’.

Unauthorised leave may result in detention.

Students are advised to not schedule medical or any other appointments during school hours.

Students wishing to travel for Umrah, family weddings or any other purpose must notify administration well before the planned holidays.

In the event that a student is absent from an examination, the school must be notified as soon as possible before or on the day of the exam. An application explaining the absence must be submitted along with a medical certificate (if applicable) within 3 working days.

Policy for Religious Holidays

Haj absence will be excused for 30 days (inclusive of weekends). The Intellect will provide holidays as per Government directives and / or religious festivals.


Inqilab Patel is an O & A Level Computer Teacher at The City School PAF Chapter, The Intellect A Levels and The Hira Foundation A Levels. He has also taught in many schools including Yaqeen Model School, Karachi Cadet School, KN Academy, Beacon House, , Hexis A Level &  Nakhlah Boys Campus Society.

Inqilab Patel is Member of Cambridge Assessment Network. Cambridge has also selected him as a Member of Cambridge Editorial Review Board. He is also associated with Aga Khan University Examination Board, in the capacities of Chief Examiner, Item Writer and Super E-marker, Karachi Board of Secondary Education and Sindh Board of Technical Education.

Shahzad Ahmed has done his Masters in clinical microbiology along with M.ed in General Science. He is a  well experienced teacher of biology having a  huge experience of teaching O/ A Level biology at different well renowned institutions of Pakistan. having 2 distinctions: one country top in IGCSE Biology and Region top IGCSE Biology.

Expert in different teaching techniques and tactics, holding different certificates and degrees in the relevant field.

Khan Munawar is a Chemistry Teacher for Cambridge O & A level. His Mastery of Applied Chemistry and 15 years of experience with many prestigious institutions like The City School, Beacon House, Wahaj Hussain and The Intellect School make him well-received by the students.

His professional development endorsed by Cambridge made him well-equipped with innovative pedagogy and assessment requirements

His teaching methods ensure ‘inclusiveness’ where every student feels involved in the progress. This negates the pressure of lengthy lessons, complex concepts and time-bound assessments. Indeed, his promising results speak louder than any well-versed description.

Kamaluddin Alvi (M.Sc applied physics)  have been teaching Physics to O/A level students for last 24 years, taught in different top notch schools of Karachi like Saint Michael’s convent school, DA SKBZ, currently teaching in Aisha Bawany Academy and The Intellect School.

Alhamdulillah every year his students achieve excellent grades. (A and A*). Not only just achieving grades is his aim but to help his students achieve success in their practical life and help them grow through his vast experience.

He has also worked as a practical supervisor to conduct British council practical exam, attended different workshops conducted by CAIE and OUP.

Huma Qureshi is a passionate and dedicated  O/ A levels accounting teacher with an extensive 16 years experience of teaching O/ A levels Accounting with 100% success rate of her students. Currently,  serving at reputable schools like The Intellect School and Nakhlah.

Nasreen Imran has done her masters in Sociology. She has a teaching experience of 18 years and has been teaching sociology to A levels since 5 years. One of her student has achieved regional distinction in 2019. Her students have been producing exceptional results in CAIE’s since many years. She is a passionate and a dedicated teacher who makes sure that her student is clear with all the concepts.

Asma Tayyab has done her  PHD scholar (Psychology) from University of Karachi. She has been teaching Psychology for 15 years. Currently associated with The Intellect School, Bahria University and Business Psychology Department of IoBM as a faculty member.

Worked as an Alevels faculty at Schools like St Michael’s Alevels, Dawood Public School, Whales College, City School.

Also taught at Psychology Department in University of Karachi.

Worked at AkU examination board in the capacity of Chief Examiner in 2016 and 2017.

Have attended International conferences and workshops.

Sajid Salim is a faculty member at The Intellect  A Level program with an MPhil degree in Economics from the Institute of Business Management and over 10 years of experience teaching A level Business. Currently, he is a visiting faculty member , as well as a faculty member at the Beaconhouse College Program, Army Cambridge Education System and the Institute of Business Management. Prior to this, Sajid taught at renowned educational institutions such as Nakhlah Boys Campus Society, Meritorious School, and DIHE University. As a passionate educator, Sajid is committed to providing a stimulating learning environment that encourages critical thinking and fosters a love of learning

Rayma Qaiser has done her masters in microbiology from the University of Karachi and she has qualified Provincial Civil service exam in 2013. She has been affiliated with teaching for almost 15 years and right now taking A levels Biology at The Intellect School and Hira Foundation School.

Ms Zareen Ali Alevels: Zareen Ali (MA in Economics)

Zareen Ali has been teaching Economics to O/A Level in many renowned schools of Karachi. The City school and The Foundation Public school for eleven years, Beacon House and St.Patricks for five years,Hira school for two years. Now Alhamdulillah many of her students are in teaching profession as well as working at prestigious positions in some renowned companies and different professions

Her passion is to inculcate in my students the taste for Economics, understand and then use the concepts in real life.

Shagufta Faisal has done her Masters in Physical Chemistry. She  is a 28 years experienced Chemistry teacher who has taught O/A levels, IGCSE, GCE, Edexcel, AQA, IB HL and SL. She is currently teaching at The Intellect A Levels. On the contrary, she also tutoring students online from various parts of the world. Previously she has taught in numerous reputable institutes in Karachi like Bahria College, Fazaia College, The City School A levels, WHSS, Lecole and more.

Miss Shagufta focuses on basic scientific concepts for better understanding and always use new methodologies to make chemistry easier for the students. She also teaches paper attempting techniques.

Syed Imtiaz Ahmed has been teaching Maths for the past 3 decades. He has taught in well renowned institutes of Karachi. Two of his students got top in the world distinctions in 2017. Well versed with a variety of  teaching methods. Attended CAIE workshops and other certificates courses. Always working to facilitate the students in better ways.

Shaheen Nadeem has a vast experience in the field of education. She has been teaching Urdu to O & A ‘levels for more than 25 years in some renowned schools. She is associated with The Intellect since 11 years. She did numerous courses related to her field and is a gold medalist. Her grades every year are tremendous.