Nursery Colour Yellow Week Celebration 

Yellow, the colour of the magnificent sun, was visible all over the Nursery Hallway from 10th-13th October 2022. The celebrations of the yellow week had officially begun! To ensure maximum learning and participation,various activities were planned to cater to various skills of the young learners.

They talked and shared details about their favourite yellow toy with their peers through Show and Tell. The cognitive and creative skills of the learners were polished through colour sorting games, outdoor play, finger painting and bubble wrap art. The learners recited nursery rhymes as they collaboratively played treasure hunt to find yellow items. The week ended as the blooming sunflowers of The Intellect entered their classes dressed up in different shades of yellow!

The games and activities assisted the learners in enhancing their skills and abilities. Throughout the week, the bright faces of the learners reflected the joy of celebrating the colour yellow.