Math Smart Event at Reflections

This event was conducted on 3rd of November 2022. It was a competition similar to Mathelete. There were 7 teams of seven different  schools including Reflection itself, Paragon and Hira Academy etc. Two judges were there to assess those teams. Each team consisted of two students. There were four Rounds. First two rounds were of Group Discussion. In first round, 3 MCQs were asked to each team. Then in second round each team was shown an image for 30 seconds and after that three questions regarding that visuals were asked from each team. After second round 3 teams were eliminated and 4 teams qualified for the third round which was individual calculation round where each student was given a question and they had to solve that independently. On the basis of results. Five Students were selected for final round which was rapid fire round. In this round those 5 selected students came at the front like shown in image below and each student was given 30 seconds to answer as much questions as he can and finally 3 out of those 5 students were selected. Alkhamdulillah. Both of our students qualified till third round but unfortunately Umar Iqbal did not qualify  for final round but still Abdul Hadi Qualified  for final round as well and won first position out of 7 schools and 14 students and Intellect was the winning school. It was an honour for me to represent  Intellect  and I will like to continue  representing Intellect in the future as well. Thank you so much. JazakAllah