Field Trip -Magnificence Center Junior

The students of The Intellect School ,Junior Section visited TDF Magnificence Center for their annual field trip. TDF Magnificence center is a contemporary and interactive science center designed to provide hands-on learning experiences. The learning space at the science center allowed students to engaged with science in a fun way while observing, exploring , and understanding of everyday science scientific phenomena

The Science center also featured a science garden comparing of playground activities. A wetland mangrove ecosystem was installed in the central atrium of the center. This especially curated and designed infrastructure was a fun-filled education learning experience where students enjoyed to the fullest and witness science all around them.
All topic covered in magnificence Science Center were aligned with the school curricula, making science relevant to everyday life and applicable to real-life problems. The attraction included frictional slide, Mirror Maze, Human system, Anti-Gravity floor, Water works and many more exhibits , giving students an unforgettable life time experience.