Math Enigma

Math Enigma By the grace of Almighty Allah, Al Khwarizmi Math Society, the first student-run society of Intellect organized its grand event, Math Enigma 2k23 on 14 February to intimate student’s interests in Math problems and to help them acquire problem solving skills. The competition consisted of five rounds taking place in the school against the students of O levels mainly of 6 teams, fighting with numbers and throwing correct answers on each other to win the round, and race ahead. There was one round, minute to win it, allocated for the audience as well to help them engage and feel the excitement of the Enigma going on. Being totally student run, Al Khwarizmi Society feels proud to say that it taught its students all the skills a leader acquires and made them confident enough to face the problems waiting in their lives ahead. Students of A levels and O levels coordinated and worked together to organize this mega event. This was all possible with the help of our patron in-charge, Ms. Rana Ahmed whose efforts and hard work made all this possible, and The Intellect was able to foresee a grand event which hooted its own success in front of everyone.