Annual Maths Meet

 Mathematics is the poetry of logical ideas. To foster mathematical interest and expertise among our students, The Intellect School Senior Girls Section organized its “ANNUAL MATHS MEET 2023” on 25th January 2023. The event was an array of interactive quizzes in two categories, Blossoms (Sixth graders) and Dexters (Eighth graders). The quiz was based on Rapid fire round, Visual round, Memory round, Maths Gym and Maths Fusion rounds. Following 10 schools including the Intellect School participated in the contest:
 Dawood Public School
 Hira Foundation
 The City School-PAF Chapter
 Manhal Education
 The Trainers School – Korangi Campus.
 The Trainers School- NEDian Campus
 The Educators
 Happy Home School
 Karachi Grammar School
In Blossoms (grade VI) the Intellect School, secured the first position but being the host school stepped down of the position and handed the First position to The City School PAF Chapter who was next in the winning series. 2nd position was secured by Dawood Public and the Manhal Education was third in the contest.
In the Dexters (grade VIII) The City School PAF Chapter secured first position, Dawood Public secured 2nd position and the Manhal Education secured the third position.
Contests such as this stimulate enthusiasm and a love for mathematics, reinforce important mathematical concepts, develop mathematical flexibility in solving problems, strengthen mathematical intuition, foster mathematical creativity, and provide satisfaction, joy, and thrill of meeting challenges. 
The participating schools appreciated and enjoyed the event thoroughly.