Nursery Activity Green Week

Everything around us is an array of colours. Green is the most common colour in the natural world, when we think of nature and immediately think of green in all its glory expressing renewal, life and energy.

In order to teach our children about the use of colours in their immediate environment and to help them to develop an understanding of the colour green in many forms, green week was celebrated from 30th November to 2nd December 2022. All the students and teachers came dressed up in the different shades of green and the classes became vibrant with the beautiful green backgrounds. Students were taught the identification and recognition of green vegetables, leaves, trees and various green objects. Show and tell activity was held in the classes in which children were encouraged to show green objects and speak a few lines about them. To provide sensory experience to our kids for exploring this colour, a balloon printing activity was also conducted. Children also took part with great enthusiasm in craft activities related to the colour green like bubble wrap art and stamp printing. These activities helped children to develop fine motor coordination, focus, encouraged self-expression and stimulated creativity. Children participated well and learnt about the colour green  with keen interest.

Celebration of green day provided an opportunity to our little learners and was a practical learning experience and each day was very enjoyable