Zoo Trip

The Elementary Section of The Intellect School visited on a field trip to the “Karachi Zoo”. Visiting a zoo is not only fun, but it also teaches us a lot of things. It gives us immense knowledge about different beasts, birds, fish and reptiles.

We visited the zoo on 18th January and 1st February, 2023. Those were sunny days, a perfect time to visit there.  We entered the Karachi Zoo and came across different types of deer and elephants. We saw enclosures with fowls. Parrots, peacocks and turkeys of different colours. They were chirping. We enjoyed listening to it. In the next enclosed, we saw a bear, a chimpanzee and lion, tiger and tigress, resting and roaming about. On our next halt, we saw a fish aquarium with fishes of many glistening colours and sizes. Their fidgeting in the water was very delightful to watch. We also saw ostriches near the exit gate. Our young learners were amazed to see these animals in real life. In the end, we had a train ride which the students loved. Visiting such places helps our young learners to understand that animal life is as important as human life. It tells even more about the wondrous creations of Allah SWT on this earth.