A Levels Girls Faculty


With expertise gained across 25 years as a subject specialist for Chemistry in both Ou2019 Level u00a0and Au2019 Level curriculums, Mrs. Shagufta Faisal is a prominent and valued faculty member at differentu00a0 u00a0 Au2019 Level schools across Karachi, including The Intellect. She has been honoured with the u2018High Achievers Awardu2019 in the Cambridge Examinations. Further, Mrs. Shagufta Faisal has been fortunate in that many of her students have received excellent grades and are now studying at the worldu2019s top-notch universities.

Subject: Economics

Ms Zareen Ali, one of the most renowned names in the field of Economics in the city, has acquired her Masteru2019s Degree in Economics from The University of Punjab and has also been working as a part-time subject specialist at various renowned Cambridge institutions for the past 30 years. Her resume also credits her as having been the Administrator In-charge of PAF College for 5 years.

Subject: Physics

A Masteru2019s graduate in Applied Physics, Sir Kamaluddin Alvi has been teaching Physics for more than 20 years at various reputed schools across Karachi. His enthusiasm and devotion towards the profession is reflected through the outstanding grades his students have attained over the years. The Intellect School is privileged to have such a vision-oriented teacher.

Subject: Sociology

Ms Farhat Rabbani is a highly experienced teacher to both Ou2019 and Au2019 Levels students at multiple renowned schools of Karachi. She has been integral to British Universitiesu2019 consortium programmes and The Oxford Universityu2019s external university modules for more than 20 years. Under her tutelage, an Au2019 Level student has topped in Pakistan and Karachi in the Sociology Au2019 Level CAIE exam. Her proficiency extends to developing holistically effective members of society through integration of sociological paradigms by differentiating idealism and realism in social relationships. In addition, she enables attainment of exemplary grades in students that go on to excel at the university level.

Subject: Biology

Ms u00a0Rayma Qaiser has been teaching Biology to Au2019 Level students at The Intellect School since its inception and at various other renowned institutions for about a decade. She has a Masteru2019s Degree in Microbiology from The University of Karachi and has PCS (Provincial Civil Services) qualification. The Intellect is privileged to have her on board as a member of its Au2019 Level faculty.

Subject: English Language

Ms Qurratulain has over 13 yearsu2019 teaching experience at prestigious institutions. Holding a double Masteru2019s degree in English Literature and English Linguistics with first position, she is a CELTA certified professional from Izmir University in which she also received a distinction. She has recently completed a year-long course on Systemic Functional Linguistics overlooked by M.K. Haliday of the Hong Kong Centre of Languages.

Subject: Mathematics

Ms Ramla Hussain holds a Masteru2019s degree in Statistics and Mathematics in addition to being in the field of education for more than 15 years. She has served at various different institutions at lead posts. Over the course of her career, she has attended numerous training sessions conducted by Cambridge. In addition, she has been given accolades for outstanding student achievement several times at CAIE. The Intellect is proud to have a dedicated professional such as herself as a vital part of its senior faculty.