Academic Director's Message​

The Intellect School was founded by individuals with a clear vision: establishing a school that can meet the demands of modern education in an environment inspired by Islamic principles and values. Noble and impressive as the vision may be –  keeping in view the social, political, and economic milieux in which a school has to operate– achieving it  or even coming close to achieving it calls for  an  extraordinary effort by all stakeholders.

The school’s governing board is expected to care of arranging the physical facilities, financial resources, policy guidelines, and keeping a watchful eye on the school matters for necessary interventions.

The school’s management team has the responsibility of managing the physical and human resources, policy guidelines, the teaching-learning programmes and processes towards attaining the school vision.

The parents have an equally important responsibility of meeting the multifarious demands of the school, keeping their child on track, and all this amidst an increasingly complex, competitive  and challenging socio-cultural environment in which the child’s present and future is being shaped.

My message concludes by reminding all stakeholders that we live in a rapidly changing world along with technology,  customs, traditions, methods, and aims of education which are undergoing a corresponding change.  We all must be cognizant of the paradigm shift in education that has taken place over the last quarter of a century. At the same time we must also keep an eye on the horizon – to quickly detect the changes that are taking place, and are likely to take place and adjust our ‘sails’  accordingly.   Let’s develop a school-parent partnership, based on mutual respect to create the most satisfying, productive, and exciting developmental pathways for our children – our future generation. And finally, let’s in all earnest pray to Almighty Allah (S.A.T) for helping us help our children attain maximum success in both the worlds.

Tahir Javed
Director, Academics
The Intellect School