Library hours
Monday – Thursday: 8.00 am- 2:00 pm
Friday: 7:55 am – 12:00 pm


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What is available in our library?

The Intellect School Library provides a welcoming learning environment that supports the school’s curriculum, and encourages lifelong readers. It does this by:

  • Providing centralized access to resources that support the school’s teaching and learning programmes and students’ recreational reading.
  • Providing a variety of opportunities for students to become independent learners, and for students and staff to develop information skills using a wide range of resources, including information technologies.
  • Creating a user-friendly environment, which encourages all students to develop an enthusiasm for lifelong learning, and an enjoyment of reading?

The collections
In addition to the fiction (stories), non-fiction (factual information), reference, and periodical (magazines & newspaper) collections, The Intellect School Library provides access to the internet and online resources in Senior Section under teacher supervision.

Books not for loan
Some of our books cannot be borrowed because they are popular and valuable to leave the library . Read these books in the library and ask the librarian if you want a piece photocopied. Some books have age-restrictions and are for teachers use only.

Issuing books
Books are issued during library lessons, before school and break time. To get a book issued:

  • Give the librarian your selected book.
  • The librarian will issue your book for one week, stamp the date due and pass the book through the security decoder.
  • You can have two books at a time. (If you have an overdue book, this must be returned or renewed before you can get another book out. The librarian will hold the book on reserve for you.)

Library Rules

  • Please respect this as a quiet working area
  • Noise is to be kept minimum; Consideration should be given to those who are working.
  • The library should be use for reading, research and homework
  • The library should not be consider a meeting place for chat
  • No games are allowed
  • Books, magazine and other resources removed from the shelves, must be returned by the user to the correct place
  • Furniture rearranged, must be returned to its original order
  • No eating or drinking is allowed in the library.
  • Taking books out without permission is not allowed.
  • The library needs to be tidy when you leave.

What do I do if . . .

  • I damage or lose a book? Come and see the librarian straight away. Bring the book with you if it is damaged so we can see if it can be repaired. If it is too badly damaged or if you can’t find it we will ask you to replace it or pay for the book. If you deal with the problem straight away, you’ll be able to use the library sooner.
  • My name is on the overdue list and I am sure that I have returned the book?
    See the librarian straight away. It may be that you returned the book and it has got back on the shelves without being marked off. Whatever the reason we can deal with it best if we know straight away.
  • My friend asked me to get a book out for them?
    SAY NO.
    If you take a book out in your name you are responsible for it and if the book is overdue or mislaid, YOU will be asked to locate it or pay for it.
  • My friend wants to read the book you have out?
    Take the book back to the librarian with your friend so she can have it issued in their name.
  • I want to borrow reference material?
    Reference books cannot be borrowed but you can have the page photocopied for a small charge.
  • I want to borrow a magazine?
    Ask the librarian. Most can be borrowed.

Always return your book into the return box in the library. Don’t keep the book directly to the shelf.

Books are allowed out for one week. If you have not finished the book, bring it back and the librarian will reissue it for you.

Over dues
In case of book lost or damage which is not repairable, the student will have to replace the same title for the library and in case, the book is not available in the market, then the student with an overdue library book cost will be added to those students fees.