Academic Head's Message

Assalam o Alaikum

It gives me immense pleasure to welcome you all to The Intellect School website.

The impact and importance of education in any society can’t be neglected. It does not only include to learn the basic skills of reading and writing but to gain the knowledge and skills to create a better society to live in. Education broadens the horizons of students’ vision and learning experiences so that students may have desire to explore other areas of learning.

The underlying philosophy of our school’s educational system is to provide a learning environment
which helps our students to flourish their distinctive potential and capabilities with excellence. We
want to build and instil critical thinking skills in our students so that they can take accurate decisions
about their future.

Being Muslims, it is our firm believe that having the conventional knowledge of the world is not the
only purpose but we must have to follow the Islamic principles to become a better human being. We
at the Intellect school are the strong endorsee of this firm believe and want all our students to learn
the basic conventional educational skills with best Islamic Integration. We make sure that we teach
our students the Islamic values and have them practice in their daily life. Thus, students must
integrate Islamic values in all acts they perform.

At the Intellect School, AL HAMDO LILLAH, we have one of the best faculties, having experience of
teaching the conventional skills by incorporating Islamic Values. The teaching practices followed at
our school ensure that our students will be ready to become valuable members of the society.

The parents’ partnership with school, in building the shape of students’ life is of utmost importance
as well. Mutually we can work together to develop positive outcomes for children.
I hope that our cooperation will benefit the students of The Intellect School, preparing them to
meet the future challenges ahead. May ALLAH (SWT) give success to our students.

Muhammad Mustansir
Academic Head’s