The Foundation of The Intellect School is Based on the Following Principles:

Tawhid /God-Conscious: Is aware of Allah SWT and the inter-connectedness of creation in all that one thinks, feels and does.

 Tazkiyah/Principled: Has a sound grasp of principles of moral reasoning and a commitment to self-reflection, self-direction, and moral action, with an emphasis on integrity, honesty, compassion and justice.

Hikmah/Knowledgeable: Has a deep understanding of the major patterns and recurring issues of humankind and the impact of significant events and discoveries on the course of human development.

Istiqamah/Well Balanced: Understands the scope and importance of balance and well-being in one’s personal and collective life and actively works to establish it therein.

Ihsan/Cooperative: Has an understanding of the role of good communications, cooperation, fairness and friendship in establishing and maintaining meaningful and healthy relations between individuals and groups.

Deen/Committed: Has a commitment to a lifestyle consistent with the principles and practices of Islam, especially as reflected in one’s daily interactions with others.

Amanah/Caring: Has a strong sense of caring, stewardship, service and social activism, as well as deep commitment to using one’s life to make a difference in the world.