ANNOUNCEMENT: Results of IKSC 2019

Alhamdulilah, our students brought an amazing result at the IKSC 2019. The list of the winners are as follows:
IKSC Gold Medals
1. Aisha Haroon Grade II
2. Khadija al Kubra Ansari Grade II
3. Mohammad Qaseem Younus Grade II
4. Muhammad Momin Azeem Grade II
5. Shanzeh Khan Grade II
6. Zainab Asim Grade II
7. Zara Adeel Khan Grade II
IKSC Bronze Medals
1. Hafsa Khan Grade III
2. Muhammad Ahyan Grade IV
3. Syeda Khansa Ahmad Grade IV
4. Anaya Khurrum Grade V
May Allah SWT grant more success to our students, in the world and the Hereafter!
Ameen, Suma’ Ameen!!


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