Circular for Red Day in the Elementary Section


Dear Mothers,

It is a great pleasure to see Nursery children all settled in their classes and ready for some fun learning! New concepts will be regularly taught with some hands on activities. Parents’ involvement will leave a better impression on the young minds. Students will be learning all about the color “Red”.

Kindly follow the given plan:

Thursday, 22nd Sept. 2016: 

Children will start the “ red” colour booklet activities

Friday, 23rd Sept. 2016: Children will eat red coloured snacks and will make red jelly in class and enjoy eating it.

Monday, 26th Sept. 2016: Look for red objects at home and prepare a basket. Send it along with your child.

Tuesday, 27th Sept. 2016: Children will play “red” hunt game.

Wednesday, 28th Sept. 2016: Children will wear red colour clothes and bring any of their favourite “red” object or toy for show and tell

Kindly note: Do not send any doll or soft toy with eyes.
Always label the object with your child’s name and class before sending it to school

Jazakillah Khair, 




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