First Inter-School Arabic Declamation Contest 2017

Dear Parents,

For the first time, The Intellect School hosted a language inter-school contest in the Zainab Qasim Auditorium. Alhumdulilah, it gives us immense pleasure to share that the Inter-school Arabic Declamation Contest 2017 was a tremendous success!

Around nine schools were invited, which are as follows: 
The Intellect School (Host)
Reflections School
Generations School
Hira Foundation School
Al-Islah School
Al-Fajr School
Jamia Binnoria

Our esteemed judges were: 
Miss Amna As-Saeed Abdul Jaleel Hasan:
Miss Hasan holds a Master’s Degree in English, Islamic Studies, and Arabic from Jamatul Azhar in Egypt. She currently conducts online Arabic Language Courses.

Miss Hanadi Abdul Rehman Muhammad:
Miss Muhammad did her B.Pharma from Halab City (Aleppo), Syria.

Miss Shaima Rafique:
Miss Rafique holds a Master’s Degree in Islamic Studies and Arabic from University Grants Commission, Islamabad. She currently runs her own Arabic Language Institute for women and children.

The winners of the Inter-school Arabic Declamation Contest 2017 are:
First Position
Sumaiya Taha from Al-Islah School

Second Position – there were three contestants awarded 2nd position:
Laiba Sadiq from Intellect School
Areej Aamir from Reflections School
Umaima Mushtaq from Jamia Binnoria

Third Position
Fatima Mateen from Reflections School

All the participants were awarded a Certificate of Participation.  We thank our judges, all the participating schools, contestants, the Intellect Arabic Department and all the invited parents for making this event a humongous success.

May Allah SWT give us more success. Ameen!

Jazakumullah Khair,


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