Intellect Senior Boys’ Field trip: Visit to Magnifiscience Children’s Studio (Grades VI, VII, & VIII)
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    Intellect Senior Boys’ Field trip: Visit to Magnifiscience Children’s Studio (Grades VI, VII, & VIII)

    Dear Parents,

    Field trips and excursions are an integral component of a well-balanced and comprehensive educational programme of a school. These activities provide rich learning experiences for students, while enhancing their socio-cultural knowledge and skills.
    In line with the above, the Intellect Boys’ Section has arranged a visit for students of Grades VI, VII and VIII to the Magnifiscience Children’s Studio on Tuesday, 08th of January 2019.

    Following are the relevant details to note:
    • During school hours (regular school day)
    • The cost of the trip is Rs: 550/- per child which includes entry ticket, lunch and transportation.
    • Students can bring snacks and water bottle.
    • Students must wear school uniform.

    Kindly fill the confirmation slip along with the amount and return it by Wednesday, 12th December 2018 (due to advance booking and payment).

    For further detail please feel free to contact Mr. Asif Hussain at 021-35110104-5.

    Jazakumullah Khairan,
    Best Regards,
    The Intellect Administration

    Download:  Fieldtrip to Science Studio Dawood Foundation


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