Inter-School Qirat Competition – Girls’ Section

By the grace of Allah SWT, The Inter-School Qirat Competition was an excellent and a heartwarming program held on Tuesday 14th November 2017.  Nine schools participated, which are as follows:

  1. Generations School
  2. Darul Islah
  3. Education Bay
  4. Manhal Education
  5. Al-Kahf Academy
  6. Madarsa Aisha Siddiqa
  7. DA Model High School ( Phase 4)
  8. Reflections School
  9. The Intellect School

This Inter School Qirat Competition was one of the series of events to commemorate the completion of 10 years of The Intellect School. It was conducted in two sessions, one for the age group under 11 and the other for the age group 13.

Following are the Results:
Group of Under 11

  • 1st Madarsa Aisha Siddiqa
  • 2nd Reflections School
  • 3rd Al-Kahf Academy

Note: being the host school, we decided to forego our 1st position and gave it to the next Ranked School (Madarsa Aisha Siddiqa) as a Token of Our Hospitality.

Group of Under 13

  • 1st Madarsa Aisha Siddiqa
  • 2nd  Al-Kahf Academy
  • 3rd DA Model High School

May Allah guide us all to the straight path and make us capable of organising more of such events which would bring more barakah in our school. Well done to our relentless team of the Tarbiyah Department who helped put up this competition.



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