Parents Feedback Request | CAIE Grading


Dear Parents,

Assalam o alaikum

As per your knowledge, the CAIE O & A level examinations have been cancelled worldwide in May/June 2020. In this regard, we seek your consent on the procedure through which you like your child’s progress to be graded. We currently have 2 options;

  1. Re-register for the next CAIE exam series, when it is scheduled.
  2. Send evidence of the student’s performance for his/her grades. The detail of the evidence includes;

  2.a) Class copies

  2.b) Solved assignments/Unsolved including past papers and booklets provided by the teachers

  2.c) Class test answer scripts

  2.d) First Mid-assessment, Midterm and second Mid-assessment answer scripts

  2.e) For Grade XI: CAIE PST, Urdu, Islamiyat Grades

Kindly submit your feedback via clicking this link.

TIS Management