Results of International Kangaroo Maths Competition


Dear All,
Just to share the good news with regard to the recent students’ achievement in an international competition. Alhumudullilah, the students of The Intellect School secured eight positions in the IKMC!

These are as follows:

M Saad Sami Class II
Saarim Maredia Class II
M Omar Salman Class II
Hadi Ibrahim Class III
Tehreem Zubair Class IV
Zainab bint e Moin Class IV
Musfirah Rizwan Class VI
Hashir Ijaz Class VII (Boys’ Section)

The top scorer from our school is Musfirah Rizwan, with a score of 123 marks. Masha’Allah!
Besides the above mentioned students, the rest of the participants will receive badges of good performance.



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