The Inter-School Arabic Declamation 2017

The Inter-School Arabic Declamation took place on the 13th Oct 2017. Ten other schools participated along with The Intellect School in this declamation contest. They are:
The Intellect School
Generation School
Hira School
Al-Kahaf School
Education Bay
Madrassah Ayesha Siddiqua
Al-Islah School
Al-Fajr School
Reflections School
Jamia Banoria
Al-Anwar School
The Results of the Inter-school Declamation are as follows:
1st Position – Al-Kahaf and Madrassah Ayesha Siddiqua
2nd Position – Madrassah Ayesha Siddiqua
3rd Position – Al-Kahaf, The Intellect School, and The Intellect School
The results were deliberated by our esteemed guest judges:
Ms. Farhan Sabhan: She is Hifz-Quran from Iqra Raudhat-ul-Atfal and holds a Masters Degree in Arabic & Islamiat subjects from Madrassah Usmaniah in Bahadurabad. She has an experience of ten years. Currently, she is the Principal at Raudhat-us-Salam for Hifz and school.
Ms. Hanadi Abdul Rahman: She has a Masters in Pharmacy and Arabic from Halab University, Syria. She has an experience of six years as a teacher in Radhat-us-Salama.
Ms. Hiba Muhammad: Bachelors in Agriculture from Baghdad University in Iraq, Masters in Arabic and Islamiat subjects from Madrassah Ayesha Siddiqua. She is In-charge of the Arabic Department at Rabia Basariya Arabic school in Karachi.


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